After You Arrive

1. Check your documents

Before you leave your port (location) of entry into the US, check that you still have all your important documents with you:

You have just successfully entered the US, but you need all of these documents for future reference and use. They are expensive to replace.

2. Travel to your accommodations

  • Public transport in Kansas City does not extend far enough to get you from the Kansas City international airport to IHOPU or the International House of Prayer. However, there are many shuttle services available to transport you for a fee, such as Onething Exclusive Shuttle Service (compare with other services by researching online). You should arrange for transportation in advance.
  • You may wish to book a hotel or motel when you first arrive so that you have time to move in properly; but it is not wise to leave the finding of accommodation until you arrive in Kansas City. (We do not advise finalizing living arrangements until you have received your student visa, enrolled, and bought your plane tickets.) Read about student housing resources »

3. Arrange to get to New Student Orientation (NSO)

See the New Student Orientation page to find out more.

4. Make payments

You can make payments at NSO if you have not done so already. We recommend doing this before NSO to avoid long lines. We discourage paying in cash at NSO for security reasons. If you are paying in cash, pay before NSO, at the Red Bridge Center Business Office. Read more »

5. Bring all of your immigration documents with you to New Student Orientation (NSO)

  • International Admissions makes photocopies of all of your documents and issues you a new type of I-20.
  • If, for whatever reason, you do not submit these documents at NSO, bring them to the International Admissions office by one week from the start date of NSO.
  • As you settle into new accommodations, set up phone plans, etc., communicate with International Student Services immediately about changes to your address and other contact info (email

Read about traveling during your program of study and how to maintain your student visa »