Traveling and Visa Maintenance

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How to maintain your student visa status

In order to successfully maintain your M-1 status during your time at IHOPU, there are a few very important things you must do (and must not do). Please take a moment to thoroughly read the information below. If any of the points are unclear to you, is always available for questions.

  • As an M-1 student or intern, you may not accept any form of employment at any time (including holidays and breaks). Employment is considered any remuneration (compensation) whatsoever for any service offered; receiving something for a service you provide, including cash, check, free housing, or any other form of compensation.
  • Communicate changes to your contact info, such as your address and phone number, immediately. You can do this by emailing
  • Maintain a full course load.
  • Renew your passport if it expires less than six months beyond the dates of your intended trip or stay abroad.
  • Follow procedures for authorized travel as explained below.
  • Any time you receive a newI-94 admission number and stamp, bring it to the International Admissions office to be photocopied for your records.

How to continue studying at IHOPU

During your second semester of study, International Student Services will provide you with all the information you need in order to continue studying in your program, if you wish to do so. You may contact them anytime you have questions at

Travel authorization and documentation

  • In order to travel outside of the US during your program, you will need a travel signature on the second page of your “Continued Attendance” Form I-20 from one of IHOPU’s Designated School Officials (DSOs) prior to leaving the States. If you do not obtain this signature before you travel, you will not be able to reenter the US. The travel signature is valid for six months. You do not need a signature to travel within the US.
  • If the M-1 visa in your passport has expired, you must schedule a visa interview and renew your visa prior to re-entering the US. If the visa in your passport is expired, you will not be re-admitted to the US (even if your I-20 is still valid).
  • You must carry the signed Form I-20 and a valid passport with you when you travel.
  • You will receive a new I-94 number and stamp when you reenter the US. Bring the stamp in your passport to International Services to be photocopied.
  • You have 30 days from the expiration date listed on your Form I-20 to leave the US—or the date on your I-94 stamp, whichever is earlier.