New Students

Welcome to IHOPU! This information is to aid your transition as a student at IHOPU. Read through the information below, and visit the New Student Orientation page and other helpful resources available through this site.

Before Arrival

Paying Tuition and Payment Plans
We encourage all students to avoid waiting in lines by paying tuition and setting up payment plans before New Student Orientation, which is the final day for tuition payment. Visit Financial Services for information on how to pay tuition and fees, tuition costs, and payment plans.

IHOPU Account
Each student receives an IHOPU account that provides access to the online payment site; NetClassroom, the site for grades and class schedules; and the IHOPU Library computers. Your IHOPU username and password are sent to you by email a few weeks before school begins.

IHOPU Email Account
Each student receives an IHOPU email account. This email is the primary means of communication between students, instructors, and school administration. Your IHOPU email account username and password will be sent to the email address you listed on your application.

Visit Tech Support for assistance on how to set up your IHOPU email account.

Please bring identification document(s) to complete the paperwork necessary to become student members of the IHOPKC organization.

Download a complete list of acceptable identification »

View more information on becoming student members of the IHOPKC organization »

IHOPU Student ID Card

Each student is issued a student identification (ID) card. Presenting this ID card gets students a 20 percent discount on books (including textbooks), music, and media at the International House of Prayer’s Forerunner Bookstore. Photos for the ID cards are taken at New Student Orientation and the cards are then distributed. Students under the age of 18 at the beginning of the semester require the signature of a parent/guardian on the Consent and Release Form to receive a photo ID card.

Download the Consent and Release Form »

Courses and Schedule

All freshmen, and internship and IHOPU Online transfers are automatically registered for their semester courses by the Registrar’s office. All FMA students receive an email from to schedule an assessment for placement in musical courses.

Read more on freshmen first-semester courses »

Spring 2018 Student Schedules

FSM Spring 2018 freshman schedule »
FMA Spring 2018 freshman schedule »

Purchasing Textbooks

The textbooks required for your courses are available for purchase at the International House of Prayer’s Forerunner Bookstore. Please purchase your textbooks at the Red Bridge Center location of the Forerunner Bookstore at your convenience.

  • You receive a 20 percent student discount on books, music, and media when you present your student ID card.
  • Presentation of your ID card is necessary to receive the student discount
  • The Forerunner Bookstore does not apply discounts retroactively.
  • The discount is only applied to students and does not apply to purchases of textbooks made on the student’s behalf by anyone else, even if they are a family member and the student is present.
  • The total cost you can expect ranges from $100 to $150, not counting the student discount.
  • Come prepared with a copy of your book list.

Forerunner Bookstore Hours
Red Bridge Location:
Monday–Friday, 11am–6pm
Saturday, 10am–4pm
Sunday, 11am–4pm

Book Lists
Visit Book Lists under Registrar to download.