Transportation in Kansas City

Public transportation is very limited in south Kansas City and Grandview. The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) Missions Base, of which IHOPU is a part, includes several properties which are not all within walking distance of one another. The best and safest way to get from place to place is to drive or share a ride with a friend.

If you don’t have a car, you may be able to occasionally walk or ride a bike. However, it is not safe to walk or bike on busy roads or after dark. Students are also highly encouraged to walk with a friend, even during the daytime, if possible.

IHOPKC Shuttles

IHOPKC provides a free shuttle service between the Global Prayer Room and Forerunner Christian Fellowship for weekend services and conferences.

Please note that children under the age of five are not permitted on the shuttles.

If you don’t have a vehicle

  • Choose accommodations within reasonable walking distance of the IHOPU campus or the International House of Prayer’s Red Bridge Center (location of the Global Prayer Room).
  • Make every effort to set up rides with classmates as soon as you arrive.
  • If you hope to be able to borrow a vehicle for school, shopping, etc., please be advised that you will need a valid driver’s license and Missouri law requires that you are covered by insurance while driving.

Transportation Options

Car Rental and Airport Shuttle Services

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Yellow Cab is a 24-hour taxi service in the greater Kansas City area.

(816) 471-5000 or 1-888-471-6050.

Kansas City Bus System

Visit the Kansas City metro website,, to read about the services provided in Kansas City. As stated above, these are extremely limited in south Kansas City.

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MetroFlex is an on-demand bus service (does not service Grandview) that may be able to connect you to regular bus routes.