IHOPU Library


Summer 2018 (May 21–August 1)
Monday–Wednesday: 12–5pm

If the library has to change its hours at short notice due to special circumstances, see the library entrance for posted hours.

Please note that the library will be open more hours than this, so if the sign says OPEN, come on in. We will do our best to be here the above hours and will put up a sign as soon as possible if something comes up and we cannot be here.

Inclement Weather
Regular hours are suspended if IHOPU classes are canceled due to severe weather or an emergency.


Head Librarian | Kris DeCanio
Assistant Librarian | Rebekah Morrison

About the Library

The IHOPU library provides the opportunity for scholarly research and spiritual growth by making curriculum-related and practical resources available to the faculty, staff, and student body. The library serves as an extension of the classroom, a place for students to study, complete assignments, and advance their education.

IHOPU’s library offers a growing body of books, periodicals, and media, including an extensive reference section. The library also provides computers, access to software, a media center, a printer, and comfortable workspaces. The online library catalog can be viewed on library computers or anywhere off the premises.

Please use discernment when reading library material with theological content. IHOPU does not agree with all the theological positions included in its collection. We present differing theological stances so that students can gain understanding of their own and other people’s beliefs. We believe this is important for strong apologetics and to enhance critical thinking skills.