Collections and Resources


The resources in the reference section can only be used on IHOPU library premises. They can be identified by the “REF” label on the spine, just above the call number label. The reference section includes:

  • Atlases
  • Bibles
  • Bible commentaries
  • Bible concordances
  • Dictionaries
  • Encyclopedias
  • Indexes
  • Lexicons

Course Required and Recommended Texts

Class resources for Forerunner School of Ministry, Forerunner Music Academy, and Forerunner Media Institute are shelved in the “Required and Recommended” section and can only be used on IHOPU library premises. These resources have a yellow “On Reserve” sticker on the spine of the book.


The magazines and journals can only be used on IHOPU library premises.


These resources circulate, meaning they can be checked out.

  • Resources can be checked out for seven days and renewed once for another seven days if they have not been reserved by someone else.
  • A total of five items can be checked out at one time.
  • A total of two media items (teaching tapes, CDs, DVDs, and MP3s; music CDs, DVDs, and MP3s; videos; and documentaries) can be checked out at a time.

Faculty Reference

The resources in this section are not part of general circulation and are not shelved in the main library. They are reserved for the research and study of IHOPU faculty; students can only use them if an IHOPU faculty member emails the library personnel to grant permission.

Library Computers


Eighteen library computers (called “thin client” computers because their function is dependent on the IHOPU server) are available on individual desks along the walls of the library. They are connected to the IHOPU server and equipped with basic software so that you can use:

  • Internet (for email access; Facebook, Twitter, personal browsing, etc. are not permitted)
  • Word 2007
  • PDFs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Multimedia

Special Resources
One desktop computer is equipped with:

  • e-Sword
  • BibleWorks
  • Rosetta Stone Hebrew 1
  • Revival Library
  • Christ and His Bride by Cora Harris MacIlravy
  • The Existence and Attributes of God by Stephen Charnock
  • Various books by Dr. Peter Tan
  • The Azuza Street Papers: The Apostolic Faith (1906–1908)


  • Do not install or download any additional software or versions of existing software. Only software purchased, licensed, and installed by IHOPU may be used on the library computers.
  • USB flash drives cannot be used on the thin client desktop computers.
  • Use of library computers is reserved for IHOPU current faculty and students.
  • When all library computers are in use, our personnel enforce a 30-minute usage limit.

PaperCut Printing System

The library is now using a new printing system, PaperCut, that enables you to print from anywhere you have Internet connection and is cheaper than printing at home for most people. A sticker is added to the back of your student ID card to enable you to swipe your card as identification when using a library printer.* You will need to add money to your account by credit or debit card in order to print. If your account is inactive for 12 months, it will be deleted and any remaining funds will not be returned to you.

* If you don’t want to print from the library, you are not obligated to get a sticker.

Printing site link:

  • The PIN number you make must be four or more numbers (no letters, spaces, or symbols).
  • Receipts for payments are emailed (purchase is described as “credit for print account”).
  • Family, friends, and supporters can also add money to your printing account.
  • You can print in black and white to the library printer in the café area (equipped with stapler and hole punch) or to the one in the library (use the stapler at the circulation desk). Color print jobs must be printed to the printer in the café area.
  • The default setting is double-sided and black and white. You can change the setting to single-sided and/or to color.
  • A single-sided, black and white print job is 10 cents per page. Select “IHOPU-Library-Follow-Me-Single-Sided.”
  • A double-sided, black and white print job is 18 cents. This is the “IHOPU-Follow-Me” default setting.
  • A single-sided, color print job is 25 cents per page. Select “IHOPU-Student-Access-Printer-Color-Single-Sided.” You can only print from the printer in the café area.
  • A double-sided, color print job is 24 cents per side. Select “IHOPU-Student-Access-Printer-Color-Double-Sided.” You can only print from the printer in the café area.
  • You will still be able to use the sticker on the back of your ID card once your ID card has expired.
  • Any job you send to the printer is automatically deleted after you print it or 24 hours elapse.
  • If you are photocopying material you have not checked out, you cannot use the printer/photocopier outside the library.
  • You can print directly from a library computer if the document is open, but you can also use the print web link if you wish.

Video tutorial: Setting up your card

Video tutorial: Adding money to your card

Video tutorial: Printing a job

Material can be scanned as a PDF file and emailed at no charge if you have a printing sticker. See library personnel for instructions.

Technical Assistance
If you cannot log into the library thin clients because you forgot your NetClassroom password or because it is not working, please tell a librarian. You will be temporarily logged into a thin client so you can submit a case with IT. To submit a case, go to the Student Hub. Under the “Resources” tab, click “Tech Support.” Select the link to the “IHOPKC Help Desk web page” and then click “Submit a Case Online.” Please tell them you cannot log into the library thin clients and tell them why.

Media Center

The media center offers a TV, DVD player, VCR, and CD player. You can only listen to audio with headphones. Up to five headphones can be plugged into the jack.


If you do not have your own headphones, you can borrow headphones from the circulation desk for use on library premises. They are intended to enable you to listen to audio resources, such as Hebrew lessons, on the library computers or through the media center. Our personnel will hold your ID card, keys, or phone (set to silent or vibrate) until the headphones are returned. Headphones are cleaned after each use.