Lost and Found


  • Red Bridge Center | Located just inside the doorway opposite the women’s restroom in the hallway outside the Global Prayer Room
  • Forerunner Christian Fellowship | Located in the ushers vest closet close to the men’s restroom at the back of the auditorium
  • IHOPU Campus | Located at the IHOPU welcome center

I Lost Something

If you have lost an item and it has only been lost for up to one week, please check Lost and Found locations. If your lost item is not in any of these places or has been lost for longer than one week, email Lost and Found with a detailed description of the item you are searching for.

I Found Something

If you have found an item that seems to have been misplaced or lost by someone else, take it to whichever of the Lost and Found locations is nearest to the place you found the item.

Valuable Items

If the item you have found is valuable, such as a computer, wallet, credit card, check, or any amount of cash, take it to the welcome center at the Global Prayer Room as soon as possible. It will be kept in a secure place until the owner is identified.

Email lostandfound@ihopkc.org