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IHOPU Housing Form: Add Your Room for Rent

Housing Codes and Ordinances for Grandview and South Kansas City

You must be aware of the specific codes and ordinances for Grandview and Kansas City housing. IHOPU students must adhere to these codes and ordinances in order to live as responsible members of the community.

  1. In Grandview, up to, and no more than, three unrelated persons may live in a single family dwelling; or, a family (people related by blood, marriage, or adoption) may live together with two unrelated persons. 
  2. In Kansas City, up to and no more than five unrelated persons may live in a single family dwelling. (Family means an individual, or two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption, or a group of no more than five persons, who need not be related by blood of marriage.)
In addition, IHOPU desires that each single student live in gender-specific housing. We do not endorse a male living in the basement of a house with single female occupants upstairs, or vice versa. Living with a married couple or family is acceptable.