Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organized group of enrolled students who are elected to represent the student body of IHOPU and who contribute to a well-rounded student experience by organizing activities and opportunities for personal development.

SGA Mission Statement

Jesus is committed to establishing us in our identity as the Bride of Christ that we may cultivate a lifestyle of radical obedience and intentional spiritual preparation for the unique dynamics that will precede the coming of our Lord. To this end, SGA is a team of student leaders who endeavor to serve students by provoking and encouraging them to embrace wholehearted devotion and lifestyles of holiness in the place of prayer, fasting, study of the Word, and acts of justice.


Students elect fellow students to serve as representatives in SGA. Elections are held at the end of each school year to elect representatives for the next school year.


The SGA leadership team is comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, committee co-chairs, and committee members. The students will nominate and elect representatives from their class who they believe can serve SGA’s vision as well as represent the quality of character that we would like to see demonstrated throughout the entire student body.

Quality of Character

To be part of SGA, a person must have a quality of character that is marked with diligence, faithfulness, and teachability, and a lifestyle that is consistent with the Sermon on the Mount. We want to live lives that are worthy of the Lord, pleasing to Him, fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Therefore, members of SGA must live in such a way that they can unashamedly call the student body to be like Christ.


The Athletics Committee facilitates seasonal sports, intramural leagues, and recreational activities for men and women throughout the school year such as basketball, dodgeball, women’s powderpuff football, volleyball, and more. This committee is a good choice for students who want to orchestrate team-building sports and physical fitness within the student body.

The Communications Committee is responsible for SGA’s communication to the student body. This includes the student-written Messenger magazine, video testimonies, and weekly announcements. Students who enjoy writing, photography, and graphic design would be a good fit in this committee.

The Events Committee organizes and facilitates a variety of school-wide social events such as the Talent Show and Bible Reading Marathon, and class specific activities throughout the year. This committee is ideal for students who are passionate about building community within the student body, and creating an environment for students to discover each other’s gifts, talents, and personalities.

The Student Relations Committee seeks to enhance the IHOPU experience for the visitor and the student outside of the classroom setting. This includes visiting with prospective students on campus tours, and coordinating interactive events at New Student Orientation. This committee provides an avenue for students with a desire to practically serve the IHOPU community with a focus on the incoming student population.

The International Committee is designed to assist international students as they transition into the US, and organize events that welcome, inform, and cultivate a passion for the nations. This new committee is looking for students to serve international students by helping to provide a quality experience at IHOPU.