Training at IHOPU is discipleship-based, with a full discipleship structure covering all schools, programs, and every year of training.

All IHOPU students are assigned to a friendship group within three weeks of arrival on campus. These groups are gender-specific for freshman and sophomore students. Friendship groups meet once a week, may comprise up to twelve students, and are led by full-time or part-time staff members of the International House of Prayer, many of whom are former IHOPU students.

Your friendship group leader is available to provide support and guidance, whether you need advice about a personal problem or are looking for someone to help with resolving a conflict. Even if other leaders may need to get involved in a situation you are facing, your friendship group leader is the person you should go to first. He or she answers to IHOPU senior leadership.

If you need additional support for an interpersonal, academic, harmful behavior, or sexual harassment grievance/concern, please report your concern via the Student Concerns online form on the Student Hub.