Statement of Purpose & The Mission Beyond IHOPU

IHOPU Statement of Purpose

The International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) exists to train Spirit-filled, evangelical messengers and leaders to preach the gospel of the kingdom, make disciples, and work with other ministries in building up the Church and advancing night-and-day prayer in every tribe and tongue.

The Mission Beyond IHOPU

As faculty and staff of IHOPU, we are disciples of Jesus Christ before we are Christian educators. This means that we see our educational ministry as part of a larger mission—common to all Christians—to walk in the first and second commandments (Mt. 22:36–40), to serve the Church, and engage in the Great Commission (Mt. 16:18; 28:18–20).

To this end, the local and global expressions of our ministry are forged in the furnace of a 24/7 prayer room. We affirm the centrality of night-and-day prayer in the pursuit of our larger mission, and we recognize the increasing convergence of the global prayer, missions, and church-planting movements. As the various streams of the Church cooperate with one another, the kingdom of God is advanced, the Body of Christ grows, and God is increasingly worshiped in spirit and in truth.

The components of this mission beyond IHOPU are:

  • To love the Lord with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves
  • To win the lost, build the Church, and make disciples
  • To raise up forerunner messengers who preach the gospel of the kingdom
  • To work with others to see 24/7 prayer with worship in every tribe and tongue
  • To uphold the authority of God’s Word
  • To stand humbly and boldly in intercession for God’s end-time purposes for Israel
  • To work to see justice established and the transformation of society

These biblical commands are an agenda, not a plan of implementation, and they are representative, not exhaustive. How we address each mandate is yet to be determined, but they touch the major subjects of Christian concern. Furthermore, they help us to define our identity at IHOPU, guide our activities, inform our educational mission, and shape our prayers.

Love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength

We aim to love and adore God with all our faculties in the greatest vehemency of affection.

We aim to love God and others with the love He has given us.

Go and make disciples

We aim to participate in the evangelization of the world.

We aim to unite night-and-day prayer and theological training with works of evangelism.

We aim to encourage approaches to evangelism that reflect Christ’s character and ministry.

Call the Church to night-and-day prayer until the return of Christ

We aim to minister to God, release His power, and encounter His heart through night-and-day prayer.

We aim to provide theological training within the context of night-and-day prayer and worship.

Call the Church to pray for revival

We aim to support the Church as it prays for revival.

We aim to exercise responsible partnership in corporate, trans-denominational prayer for revival.

Uphold the ultimate authority of God’s Word

We aim to affirm and obey the supreme authority of Scripture, and to use all responsible means to study, interpret, and apply it.

We aim to summon Christians to responsible thinking as part of their obedient service to Christ.

We aim to affirm the biblical witness of the eternal deity and the redeeming work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We aim to affirm the biblical witness of the Holy Spirit.

Stand humbly and boldly in intercession for God’s end-time purposes for Israel

We aim to stand humbly and boldly in intercession for God’s end-time purposes for Israel as revealed in Scripture.

We aim to clearly proclaim God’s end-time purposes for Israel.

We aim to stand against the cultural current of anti-Semitism developing globally.

Work for the moral health of society

We aim to strengthen marriage covenant and family life.

We aim to counteract the impact of mass media, especially the Internet, on the morality of our society.