“Immerse brought a deep impact to trigger a change and more discipline in my prayer life. Also a desire to see the same template applied in my church.”
—F. Lagrand

“Immerse has rearranged my perspective as a worship leader and as a believer, and I’m coming to grips with worshiping in spirit and truth. I also feel that I have been reset and refreshed.”
—Hannah Verboon

“Immerse helped to take me deeper and look even higher into the love of God.”
—Bridget Fitz

“Immerse taught me God wants to hear me worship Him, sing to Him, dance with Him, and rest with Him. And to thank Him no matter what the circumstances. Trust!”
—Debbie Lindemann

“This week, I learned more about how to take time just for prayer and waiting on the Lord. Through learning more about praise, I learned how to praise God in a more intimate and real way.”
—Victoria Jones

“Immerse effected a total change in our lives and our walk.”
—Shirley Prihoda

“I am blessed by your dedication to pray for each one of us, and the teachings helped me to be soaked in God’s presence and to love to study scripture. I liked so much Terri Terry preparing me to go deeper in studying the Bible as a way to be a worshipper, and was encouraged by the intercession teaching.”
—Helen Basher

“Only God knows the total impact, but from what I can perceive, He just loved on me big time. A time of refreshing. I loved the Nightwatch. It was more intimate.”
—Kristin Clark

“Immerse produced an atmosphere to better connect to hear from God. It gave me a much better grid to “get” harp and bowl.  It helped me better connect with people.”
—Nathan Middleton

“Immerse reconstructed my mindset by revelation. I had different words that were confirmed.”
—Sul-hye Retsch

“It’s been tremendous!  He healed me from a spirit of shame and brought me to a new place in Him.”
—Tim Burgess

“God took me deeper to trust in Him. He really began to work on my heart in a new way. It was great.”
—Marissa Newlin

“Immerse brought confirmation of what He’s been pulling me towards at home and a visceral understanding of the why of what we do. I also gained hope in being able to move up a level musically.”
—Noreen Smith

“It has deepened my prayer, praise, and intimate relationship with God.”
—Timothy Hardman

“I came here angry, and I was completely transformed by the encounters I had with my Father.”
—Michelle Kellenberger

“I encountered God in a new way I never have. I saw Jesus in a new light. I have breakthrough in my spiritual life.  I’m grateful for Immerse.”
—Crystal Phelan

“I had no idea what to expect. My friends prepared me for an intense week. Immerse was so much more than intense; it was like a glimpse of heaven for me. Being under such amazing teaching and among brothers and sisters has made an impact on my life. I will carry this home with me and pray for opportunities to share this.”
—Donna Rayborn

“Immerse brought me to a new level with God in terms of my hunger for the Word. I want to be a true worshiper!”
—Eleah Tolofson

“Immerse had a very profound and life changing impact on my life.  I really encountered the Lord and His presence.”
—Gary Sproal