Invitation from Mike Bickle

It is an honor to invite you to take part in one of our internship programs at the International House of Prayer—to set aside a focused season to seek the Lord’s face, receive training, encounter Jesus in new and deeper ways, and forge new friendships with people of similar values from around the world.

Our desire for our interns is that they would gain new insights into the Lord’s beauty and live fascinated with Him, as they learn more about their identity in Christ and the Church’s destiny to partner with His heart in establishing His purposes on earth.

The eternal identity of the redeemed is to be a “house of prayer” (Isa. 56:7; Mk. 11:17). This is an essential part of our spiritual identity forever. It speaks of how we will function before the Lord in this age and in the age to come. First, the Lord speaks and it moves our hearts; then we speak those very words back to Him, and it moves His heart; the result is that He releases His resources into the earthly realm.

Our greatest place of authority, honor, dignity, and security is found in cultivating an ongoing conversation with the Lord in prayer. He wants much more than for His people to just have prayer meetings; He wants to establish a culture of prayer in the Body of Christ.

We are living on the precipice of another age, when Jesus will return to establish His kingdom on earth. As believers we are called to experience His glory and walk victoriously in the growing confrontation between the kingdoms of light and darkness that will affect every individual. The way forward is through a Word-filled, Spirit-anointed, and prayer-saturated relationship with Jesus.

The great need in this hour is for the first commandment to be restored to first place in our hearts. Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. This is the first and great commandment” (Mt. 22:37–38). Another great need in our life is that we learn to walk and minister more effectively in the power of the Holy Spirit (Mt. 10:8). This happens as we intentionally set our hearts to walk out a lifestyle that includes changing how we think by coming into greater agreement with God’s Word, and simplifying our lives to spend more time with the Lord and in ministry to others.

Jesus is coming to take His Bride to Himself—a Bride who will be filled with holy passion for Him (Rev. 22:17). He is not coming back to a prayerless, powerless Church, but to a people enjoying mature partnership with Him in worship and intercession for the release of the harvest and the establishing of justice in the nations (Lk. 18:7–8).

We invite you to join our missions base and spiritual family, and to pursue the Lord with us in this next season of your life.

With passion for Jesus,

Mike Bickle
Director, International House of Prayer