Internship alumni have this to say about their experience:

I absolutely loved this three-month internship and talk to everyone about it. I developed lifelong friendships while gaining a new depth of relationship with Jesus. The bridal paradigm was a new concept to me, and I learned something new with each class I took. —Patricia

The Simeon Internship far exceeded all my expectations. The teachers were all sterling. My commitment to Christ and to the disciplines of worship, prayer, and the study of the Word really deepened. I had such a blessed experience. I loved the Simeon staff and wanted to take them all home with me! —Bob

When I came to start One Thing I had an awful, wracking cough that kept me awake at night and made singing either difficult or impossible. A woman in my home church had a word that I would be healed when I arrived at IHOPKC. I coughed throughout the entire journey, but when I received prayer for healing in the prayer room, my cough stopped. My throat progressively felt better every day until the soreness completely disappeared. I also had back problems from a car accident, creating problems with sitting and numbness. During small group prayer, I felt tingling throughout my back. Soon after, all of the pain left. —Stasha

Intro to IHOPKC has been a blessing to our family. During these last few weeks the Lord has used all of our classes to reveal to me more of the power of His Word. It sounds so simple, but there is nothing more important than drawing closer to Him! I’ve also felt new freedom to take time praying and meditating on the Word as opposed to hurrying to get through. Additionally, God used our class time in Intro to help me gain a greater understanding of fears that I was holding onto. More freedom! I am pleased to be here at IHOPKC. Keep teaching straight from the Word. It’s powerful! —Breanne

A spirit of fear has been tormenting me in my sleep. In my past I watched horror movies, and since then I had only been able to sleep about two to three hours per night. When I came to the One Thing Internship, the Lord ministered to me and I started getting eight full hours of peaceful sleep every night. Amazing! —Samantha

I didn’t really know what to expect from the internship, but God has given me more than I could ever have asked for or imagined. I received lots of inner healing and healing from depression; my oppression is gone, and I received physical healing from issues that I had had for years. Praise God! —Laurene

When I arrived in Kansas City to do the Intro to IHOPKC internship I was extremely ill. I had been suffering with lupus, fibromyalgia, Reynauld’s phenomenon, Sjogren’s syndrome, and several disc herniations. My first week of Intro was very difficult as I was in constant, excruciating pain and had chronic fatigue. Suddenly, God touched my body. While being “soaked” in healing prayer I felt a popping in my lower back and knew in that instant that all of the herniated discs in my back were healed. Then all of the pain and fatigue began to lift off of me. I was prayed for in the Healing Rooms and could sense that something big was going on. Later that same day, my faith level shot up and I was able to receive my healing; I knew in that moment that God had touched my body. I am still in shock every day that I have no pain or fatigue, as I had lived that way for over twenty years. Praise God! I hope that shock never wears off, because I always want to feel this intense appreciation for what Jesus has done for me. —Julia

I stood up to get prayer for healing from a cold and suddenly realized that the healing the Lord wanted to do was actually for my leg to lengthen, and it did. —Andrew

The first month of Intro to IHOPKC has been amazing. I liken it to being on a roller coaster. It’s both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. It’s thrilling because I feel the Lord’s presence in every class and gathering. The teaching is outstanding. I’m continually receiving new revelation, and I’ve received both inner and physical healing. It’s terrifying because the Lord is stretching me daily and exposing dark places in my heart. One moment my hands are raised in praise and the next I’m hanging on for dear life, crying out for the Lord to save me. I wake up each morning of Intro with an excitement and say, “More, Lord!” —Kathy

During my One Thing Internship, I prayed for a woman and began telling her how the Lord can mend a broken heart and how her life is valuable to God. It turned out that the woman had just broken up with her fiancé a few minutes earlier and was considering suicide. The woman had felt that she should come to IHOPKC since it was near her home. By the time she left, she was talking about how she realized her life is valuable. —Sherry

About five years ago, I was flying to Kansas City and when the plane landed, the pressure of the descent didn’t release. Later my eardrums popped, leaving my ears damaged and very sensitive to music. My doctor said that I had lost hearing and the ability to discern between noise groups and that there was nothing that could be done. However, in our Intro to IHOPKC harp and bowl clinic, God healed my ears! The compassion of Jesus was just in the room that day. We were praying in the Spirit together and my group prayed for my hearing. One of the guys in the group saw Jesus put a covering over my ears and when we finished praying, I realized that even with the music booming, my ears were fine. Praise Jesus! —Laurie

Intro to IHOPKC has been a powerful and life-changing experience. I’ve been serving in ministry for over thirty years, leading life groups, doing street evangelism, and serving as a children’s pastor, youth pastor, and associate pastor. When I came to IHOPKC I was hungry to experience God in a deeper way and to be challenged to grow spiritually. I was not disappointed! My time in the internship was an intense spiritual awakening. God dug deep into my soul and transformed me. I was encouraged to fast, pray, and dig deep in His Word. I was given permission to fail and encouraged to overcome! There is no place I’ve ever been where I’ve seen this promoted and lived out so well. I also received training in healing, deliverance, and prophecy. Actually, I received much of the training elsewhere before I came here, but I’ve never seen it applied with such commitment, integrity, and humility. I was stretched in areas in which I was uncomfortable and because of that I saw the Lord do miraculous things! I saw souls saved, bodies healed, and prophetic words of encouragement given which changed lives for Jesus! If your desire is to experience Jesus in a real and tangible way, come to Intro to IHOPKC. You will not be disappointed! —Tim

The Simeon Internship has brought it all together for me. I was impacted by the teachings on the Father’s love and the deep and meaningful relationships that I made while there. I am joining IHOPKC staff and look forward to being part of the community. —Lynn

It has been such an honor to take part in the past twelve weeks here. God has done wondrous things. The highlights were the hours in the prayer room singing the Word while being shoulder to shoulder with like-hearted saints. My thanks to the Simeon staff; your hearts are awesome in Jesus. —Heather

The Simeon Internship far exceeded any expectations I had. I intend to change my lifestyle to embrace the Sermon on the Mount message. Spending time with the Lord in prayer each day will be my highest priority. Also, I enjoyed the opportunity to minister in the healing and prophetic ministries. We were able to go deeper as we added practical service to our training. —Sheila