The Body of Christ is hungry for more of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is emphasizing the revelation of Him in Scripture as Bridegroom, King, and Judge. At this hour, as the end times approach, the Church needs this understanding in a greater measure.

By understanding Jesus’ heart as a joyful Bridegroom with burning desire for His people, His authority as a sovereign King who received all power, and plans as a righteous Judge with great zeal, we abound in hope as messengers with a forerunner spirit who, for the sake of love, prepare ourselves to prepare others to prevail through the unique dynamics and unprecedented events of the end times in great victory!

Get Encountering Jesus: Bridegroom, King, and Judge

  • to gain a greater revelation of Jesus’ beauty, majesty, and power
  • to learn how to meditate on Scripture and appreciate these aspects of Jesus
  • to gain helpful insights that will empower believers everywhere to remain faithful and
  • walk in victory during the end times.

The knowledge of Jesus, and a deep, personal relationship with Him, is a great source of strength during unique end-time pressures and dynamics.