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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman (182?–1913), known for her role in leading dozens of slaves out of the South to freedom, succeeded in her work…

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Zilpha Elaw

Zilpha Elaw (1790–18??) was born into a free, devoutly Christian family near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was only twelve years…

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John Stewart

John Stewart (1786–1823) was an extraordinary American missionary who never even left the borders of the United States…

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Jarena Lee

Jarena Lee (1783–185?), who was to become a dedicated evangelist, endured a difficult childhood. She felt strong conviction…

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Harry Hosier

Harry Hosier (17??–1806) was born sometime around 1750. The exact date and place of his birth are unknown, as he…

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Elizabeth Dabney

Elizabeth Juanita Dabney (1???–1967) was a young, unknown woman when she set her heart to live a consecrated life…

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Amanda Beery Smith

Amanda Beery Smith (1837–1915) was born in January 1837 to former slaves Samuel and Mariam Smith, both believers…

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Richard Allen

Richard Allen (1760–1831) was the father of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), the oldest black institution…

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Eliza Davis George

Eliza Davis-George (1879–1980) was born in Texas to former-slave parents. Her parents raised her in the Baptist church…

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