Always on His Mind

About This Album

Deeply rooted in intercession, the Word, and the passionate heart of God, Always on His Mind, captures Misty Edwards and team leading worship through songs born from the place of prayer. For this project, the best of Misty’s songs were recorded live in the prayer room against the backdrop of intercession, flowing straight from the heart. It captures Misty at what she does best, singing the Word of God with great depth, yet with an enduring authority and conviction that penetrates. “I Am Yours,” “Baptize My Heart,” “Favorite One,” and other tracks will strike your heart with the truth of God’s strength, our weakness, and His unending love and pursuit of His people. After a listen, you’ll be convinced that we are always on His mind.

Track Listing

  1. See the Way
  2. Favorite One
  3. Always on His Mind
  4. What Only You Can Do
  5. I Will Run
  6. As in the Days of Noah
  7. Baptize My Heart
  8. I Am Yours

Album Artist

Misty Edwards