About This Album

Constant is a compilation album that is steady and lyrically inspiring. This collection of songs is thematic of the faithfulness of God, His greatness, and our great need for Him. The album features the music of eleven different IHOPKC worship leaders and songwriters, and showcases the rich musical diversity found on the Missions Base.

Track Listing

  1. Picture of Your Love (Prelude) – Misty Edwards
  2. Picture of Your Love – Luke Wood
  3. Preserve Me – Jordan Johnson
  4. Your Word – Jon Thurlow
  5. Lovesick – Misty Edwards
  6. The Blood You Shed for Me – Tim Cone
  7. Glorious Throne – Alisha Powell
  8. The Vine – Brandon Hampton
  9. Graven – Seth Parks
  10. Only Love – Audra Lynn
  11. Dark but Lovely – Sarah Edwards
  12. He Loved Me to the End – Jenny Powell
  13. Faithful to the End (Outro) – Misty Edwards

Featured Artists

Brandon Hampton
Seth Parks
Audra Lynn
Sarah Edwards
Jenny Powell