Endless: Songs of Eternity

Over our fifteen-year history, Forerunner Music has released over one hundred and fifty albums of worship, adoration, and devotional music from the ministry of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. The Anthology series was created to take some of the best songs from our history and release them thematically. The first album in the Anthology series, Endless focuses on songs of eternity, the millennial kingdom, and the second coming of Jesus. With tracks from Misty Edwards, Matt Gilman, Cory Asbury, and many others, Endless will inspire you to cultivate an eternal perspective as we live our daily lives.

“Coming Home,” originally from the album Hold On, which contained songs inspired by the Nefarious documentary, is written from the perspective of Jesus speaking to those enslaved by human trafficking. Written by Jonas Park, a worship leader at the International House of Prayer and new Forerunner Music artist, “Coming Home” promises that the cry of every captive is heard and that Jesus will return home to set them free: “I’ll wipe away your tears and terrorize your fears, I am the One who hears, I will arise, I’m coming home.”

“Shine on Us” was written from Revelation 19:7-8, “…his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure.” Featuring Cory Asbury, “Shine on Us” speaks of our longing to become pure and white in preparation for one day seeing Jesus face to face.

“Glory Will Cover the Earth” expounds on Habbakuk 2:14 which says, “…for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” Worship leader Justin Rizzo sings of how the earth will proclaim the majesty of our great Deliverer when heaven comes to earth and Jesus reigns on the earth.

“City of the Great King” by Pas Neos immediately stands out on this album for its electronic elements and driving beat. Vocalist Bob Powers explores the millennium and New Jerusalem, singing of how all things will be made new and every captive set free when Jesus returns. The earth will be restored to the perfection of Eden’s gardens and “living streams will once more fill the withered ground with life like the rush of Elim’s waters.” It goes on to sing of the Bridegroom’s heart for Jerusalem, “You are married not forsaken; you’re sought out for you delight Him, O Jerusalem.”

These twelve songs are now together on one album for the first time, on Anthology Volume 1, Endless: Songs of Eternity. Our prayer is that you will be moved in a fresh new way through this unique collection.

Look for future releases in the Anthology Series on the themes of intimacy with Jesus, the psalms, and the majesty of God.

Track Listing

  1. I Can’t Wait – Merchant Band
  2. Psalm of Abraham – Audra Lynn
  3. Coming Home – Jonas Park
  4. Hallelujah – Cory Asbury
  5. City of the Great King – Pas Neos
  6. Shine on Us – Cory Asbury
  7. I Will See Your Glory – Tim Reimherr
  8. Eternity – Misty Edwards
  9. Glory Will Cover the Earth – Justin Rizzo
  10. Longing for the Day – Julie Meyer
  11. New Jerusalem (Live) – Matt Gilman
  12. Rend (Live) – Misty Edwards