About This Album

Filled with deep devotion and worship, Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury’s album, Holy reflects the worth of Jesus;  mellow rock music and memorable lyrics are coupled with powerful melodic arrangements. From the contagious joy of Cory’s songs to Matt’s powerful vocals, this album is a cry of thanks and praise to God. The spontaneity and life in Matt and Cory’s music open a door to experiencing the freedom that can be found in worshiping God.

Track List

  1. Stay Close
  2. When I Consider
  3. You Are My Hope
  4. Made for You
  5. Where I Belong
  6. You Made a Way
  7. Holy
  8. Be Exalted
  9. Psalm 100
  10. So Good to Me
  11. The Fragrance of Your Name
  12. Closer


Album Artists

Cory Asbury
Matt Gilman