I Can’t Wait

About This Album

Forerunner Music’s first compilation album features the creative talent and profound songs arising from within the IHOPKC community.

The title track, “I Can’t Wait,” is “that wedding song” many people requested throughout 2004. Merchant Band has finally recorded this beautiful heart-cry, which looks toward the fulfillment of human history with the wedding of the Lamb.

Two songs from Pablo Perez’s successful album Return are among the tracks, including the much-loved duet between Pablo and Laura Hackett.

Jason Upton’s “One Of These Days” is included from his recent release Trusting The Angels.

IHOPKC’s first album from the Children’s Equipping Center, Prayer, captures some of the CEC children in prayer and worship. In an eclectic mix of world music sounds, Carol Hall’s music leads the kids in “Before The World Began” and “You Are Beautiful.”

Further tracks include great songs from Misty Edwards, Todd Ganovski, Scott Underwood, Seth Parks, and Julie Meyer. This well-rounded collection offers a glimpse into the musical artistry being developed at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City.

Track Listing

  1. I Can’t Wait – Tim Reimherr
  2. Whom Have I – Pablo Perez
  3. One of These Days – Jason Upton
  4. Salvation Belongs – Marcus Meier
  5. A Place Called You – Todd Ganovski
  6. My God is King – Laura Hackett & Pablo Perez
  7. Holy Lovely – Nathan Fancher
  8. I Join Myself to You – Seth Parks
  9. Eternity – Misty Edwards
  10. Burn in Me – Todd Ganovski
  11. You Watch over Me – Scott Underwood
  12. You Are Beautiful – Carol Hall
  13. Leaning on My Beloved – Julie Meyer
  14. Glance – Misty Edwards
  15. Before the World Began – Carol Hall

Featured Artists

Tim Reimherr
I Can’t Wait

Pablo Perez
Whom Have I
My God is King

Jason Upton
One of These Days

Marcus Meier
Salvation Belongs

Todd Ganovski
A Place Called You
Burn in Me

Laura Hackett
My God is King

Nathan Fancher
Holy Lovely

Seth Parks
I Join Myself to You

Misty Edwards

Scott Underwood
You Watch over Me

Carol Hall
You Are Beautiful
Before the World Began