IHOPKC Songbook 2008

About This Songbook

Learn to play your favorite worship songs with the IHOPKC Songbook 2008. This CD-ROM of digital files of piano sheet music as well as lyric and chord charts is a great aid in corporate worship. As a collection of some of our most requested songs, the songbook features music from Cory Asbury, David Brymer, Sarah Edwards, Matt Gilman, Jordan Johnson, Marcus Meier, Julie Meyer, Seth Parks, Alisha Powell, Jenny Powell, Tim Reimherr, Justin Rizzo, and Luke Wood.

Please note: This CD-ROM does not contain any audio music.


Alabaster Box – Julie Meyer
Paint Your Picture – Julie Meyer
Tree – Justin Rizzo
Glory Will Cover the Earth – Justin Rizzo
Gift of God – Justin Rizzo
Holy – Matt Gilman
Where I Belong – Cory Asbury
My Glory – Tim Reimherr
More Than Ashes – Tim Reimherr
Above Every Other Name – Justin Rizzo
Set Your Seal upon My Heart – Luke Wood
Found Faithful – Justin Rizzo
Glorious Throne – Alisha Powell
Let the Peoples Praise – Alisha Powell
Bless the Lord – Alisha Powell

Daughters of Jerusalem – David Brymer
Pledge – Marcus Meier
Stir up the Flame – Marcus Meier
I Will Return – Jenny Powell
The Beauty of This Man – Allen Hood
Heart after You – Luke Wood
Restoration – Clay Edwards
Picture of Your Love – Luke Wood
Wonderful Savior – Tim Reimherr
Come and Let Your Presence – Tim Reimherr
I’m in Love – Tim Reimherr
Preserve Me – Jordan Johnson
Graven – Seth Parks
He Loved Me to the End – Jenny Powell
Dark but Lovely – Sarah Edwards

Featured Artists

Alisha Powell
David Brymer
Marcus Meier
Jenny Powell
Allen Hood
Clay Edwards
Jordan Johnson
Seth Parks
Sarah Edwards