About This Album

Allow your spirit to fully worship with Immersed, a compilation CD from the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Emerging from a dynamic partnership between songwriters and worship leaders, Immersed beckons listeners into genuine fellowship with the Lord.

Immersed offers a variety of musical expressions and styles that appeal to a range of musical tastes while keeping an authentic theme of fervent worship. Its corporate worship songs reflect the heartbeat of the prayer room with lyrics that invite listeners to adore Christ and melodies that provoke the soul to greater love. The CD includes upbeat anthems proclaiming the character of God and songs that express deep longing for Him. The music of Immersed is clearly crafted by those who have spent much time waiting before the Lord in prayer and worship.

Track Listing

  1. See Me Through – Tim Reimherr
  2. Bless the Lord – David Brymer
  3. Shine on Us – Cory Asbury
  4. I Will See Your Glory – Tim Reimherr
  5. Pledge – Misty Edwards
  6. Stir Up the Flame – Misty Edwards
  7. You Will Not Relent – David Brymer
  8. Lift Him Up – Cory Asbury
  9. I Will Praise You – David Brymer
  10. The Beauty of This Man – Tim Reimherr
  11. I Will Return – Misty Edwards
  12. Awaken Us – Cory Asbury
  13. Daughters of Jerusalem – David Brymer

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