Laura Hackett

About This Album

Glimpse Laura’s journey with the Lord as she expresses her heart through organic music in her debut solo album. Filled with simple, pure worship, Laura Hackett is a vulnerable autobiographical work brimming with Laura’s desire to be known by the Creator and to trust Him at all times. Her radiant voice is coupled with honest lyrics about fellowshipping with Christ. A swirl of folk and acoustic music weaves through this collection, supported by rich guitars and mellow piano. Let Laura Hackett draw you into deeper friendship with the Lord through abiding worship.

Track Listing

  1. Given In to Me
  2. Carving Out a Place
  3. Beautiful Mercy
  4. There’s a Gap
  5. Let’s Survive This
  6. When I Am Afraid
  7. Living Hope
  8. Here with Me Now
  9. Love’s a Mystery

Album Artist

Laura Hackett Park