Love Will Have Its Day

There is a transcendent power in music, a structure and a language that somehow speaks emotion and passion, instruction and conviction, often without even saying a word. Laura Hackett Park understands that power and its Source. On Love Will Have Its Day, the gifted artist delivers a set of songs that stir up and dig deep. At times sensitive and serene, whimsical and light, or powerful and loud, this is an album that uses a full musical palette to convey the truth in its theme: if we can walk through this life anchored in Christ, then in every situation we know that love will have the final word, and we live with hope.

“I lived through a season of struggle–a bunch of different things happened and I kind of went under,” Laura shares. “The Lord had to call me out of that place of introspection where I was trying to fix everything myself. I had to lift up my eyes and see what my life was about. If I put my hope in relationships or circumstances or my reputation, I would actually lose everything. In Christ I have a hope and a future, and eternity. These songs express those themes that have resonated in my heart.”

Laura does not consider hope a chance to long for what we want and then just apply a spiritual label to our selfish desires. Instead, she delivers an honest and effective balm. Consider these words from “Lift Up Your Head,” the bright song that gives the album its title: “Breathe, darling, breathe. It’s not yet time for you to leave. Love will have its day. Lift up your head. Turn your face to the rising sun while you wait, while you wait for redemption to come.” This is encouragement that does not trivialize. These are songs for the struggle informed by the Victor.

Love Will Have Its Day is Laura’s second full-length album with Forerunner Music, and it finds her exploring a much broader range than ever before, aided by legendary multi-Grammy-Award-winning producer Brown Bannister and multi-talented impresario Ben Shive (Brandon Heath, Bebo Norman, JJ Heller, Andrew Peterson). Says Laura, “I love all styles of music, but for a long time I tried to shut that down because I was trying to be separate from the world, and be consecrated to the Lord. I feel like in this season particularly I’m falling in love with music again and I’m treating it like the gift that it is. That affects my writing, because I genuinely enjoy writing in different styles.”

Armed with such strong, thematic songwriting and Laura’s emotional vocals, Brown and Ben got right to work. The album’s introduction, “Changes Everything,” perhaps best exemplifies the extraordinary product. There are clipped notes and loops—an electronica vibe—over prayerful vocals pondering God’s presence in every moment and reacting to it. The music teeters between haunting and hopeful, recognizing that it’s a little scary to know that God is watching you, right now, until you remember that He’s a father, ready to delight in you.

Several songs are quite personal, born of the events of people in Laura’s life. “Got Something Going On” is written for her husband, Jonas Park, as a testimony to their collective perseverance. “Beautiful Heart” was written for a singer friend who had a vocal injury, and the song is both tribute for a worshiper and defiance against the enemy who opposes the lifting of voices to God. And “Lift Up Your Head” was inspired by a friend suffering from chronic pain. The song evokes an image of a company of angels, from the background vocals to a subtle percussive sound of fluttering wings.

In the middle of the album a pair of tracks surprise with a driving beat and a strong bass line. “King Jesus” was inspired by a time of prayer over human trafficking when Laura started feeling hopeless in light of the magnitude of the problem. “The only thing that could lift my heart with hope was the fact that I believe that Jesus is the judge of the whole earth and that He has promised to set every captive free.” The song is an intense proclamation of that truth.

It’s followed by “Anger,” a song Laura didn’t expect to make the album, which turns into one of its most honest and soul-stirring moments. “It was my jaded song,” she recalls. “Basically, the song is about mistreatment, and how you deal with the anger. Do you turn it into bitterness and desire for revenge, or do you go to the cross?” Bannister pushed Laura to find the song’s hope and resolution, which becomes a second movement of sorts, when Jesus cries to His Father from the cross, “I will take their pain. Punish me.” Laura recalls the inspiration: “I wanted whoever hurt me to pay because they had taken from me, but then I saw a picture of the Lord stepping in and saying, ‘I’ll pay for it. Punch me instead. I’ll take the blow.’ I still cry when I hear that song. Until you see Him on that cross, forgiveness doesn’t mean anything. It just seems like a word we say to try to forget.”

By its close, the album takes a subdued turn, but is no less moving. Laura notes that “Brilliant Light” might be her favorite song to sing and worship, and she’s particularly drawn to a line in the bridge, “As my body awaits redemption, my spirit grows brighter.” Here, the theme of hope rests on the Bible’s promise that we won’t just be ethereal spiritual beings in heaven. And finally, “Cover Me” closes with a personification of hope: “Stretch out Your strong and mighty arms, let Your mercy lead me on all my days; cover me, cover me, cover me under the shadow of Your wings.”

Track Listing

1. Changes Everything (Intro)
2. The Love Inside
3. Lift Up Your Head
4. Beautiful Heart
5. Song of Destiny
6. He Shall Reign (Son of David)
7. King Jesus
8. Anger
9. I Feel His Love
10. Got Something Going On
11. Brilliant Light
12. Cover Me

Featured Artist

Laura Hackett Park