About This Album

Come and worship the unimaginable greatness of the Lord with Majestic, a compilation album focused on corporate worship that exalts the name of Jesus. Majestic features anointed worship leaders from the International House of Prayer singing well-crafted songs written by those at the house of prayer. An array of musical genres can be heard on Majestic, from soul to rock.

Majestic beckons you into a time of encounter with Jesus as the singers and musicians proclaim the wonders of who He is and the reasons why we love Him. The diversity of songwriters and creativity on the album reflects different facets of the Lord’s personality, for He is truly vast in all His majesty. Featured worship leaders include Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow, Jill Marsh, Matt Gilman, and Laura Hackett.

Every song on Majestic is fashioned into a unique story. Instruments like the tambourine and penny whistle add color and detail to the album. Surrender joyfully to the river of God as you listen to “Lowest Place,” an upbeat song written and sung by Laura Hackett. Laura’s pure vocals and imaginative melodies will call you to embark on a journey in the Spirit through humility and meekness. The title track, “Majestic,” by Jon Thurlow, paints the wonders of who God is through inspiring lyrics and a blend of musical variety, with soul, pop, and even a little rap. Justin Rizzo and Jill Marsh beautifully sing a duet on “Ascribe.” Written by Cory and Anna Asbury, “Ascribe” is a corporate worship song about giving to the Lord all the love and worship He is due. .

Track Listing

  1. Isn’t He Beautiful – Justin Rizzo
  2. More Beautiful – Jon Thurlow
  3. 84 – Justin Rizzo
  4. The Entry – Matt Gilman
  5. Deliverer – Jill Marsh
  6. We Sing Praise – Matt Gilman
  7. Selah – Brandon Hampton
  8. Lowest Place – Laura Hackett
  9. Sons of Men – Jon Thurlow
  10. Our Father – Jill Marsh
  11. Just Want Love – Jon Thurlow
  12. Ascribe – Justin Rizzo and Jill Marsh
  13. Majestic – Jon Thurlow

Album Artists