Merchant Band

About This Album

Merchant Band’s self-titled debut album has woven a modern rock sound with the IHOPKC messages of intimacy and urgency. Packed with original material that is both fresh and powerful, those who have asked for “that wedding song” will be pleased to hear that Merchant Band, led by IHOPKC worship leaders Marcus Meier and Tim Reimherr, have recorded the beautiful “I Can’t Wait,” as well as other favorites, including “Salvation Belongs” and “All I Want.”

Track List

  1. Come Fill Our Hearts
  2. Psalm 86
  3. I Can’t Wait
  4. Salvation Belongs to You
  5. Salvation (Spontaneous)
  6. Made for Love
  7. Just Beyond the Veil
  8. Into Me
  9. Fearfully Wonderfully
  10. Fearfully Wonderfully (Spontaneous)
  11. Burn in Me
  12. All I Want
  13. All I Want (Spontaneous)

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Merchant Band