Where I Belong (Live)

About This Album

Where I Belong (Live) captures the worship and music from the International House of Prayer’s premier conference for young adults. With over 20,000 gathered in downtown Kansas City in December 2009, this is one of the most dynamic recordings from IHOPKC yet.

This album includes many favorite songs from several of our beloved worship leaders at the International House of Prayer, as well as times of spontaneous, prophetic worship. Featuring Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, and many others, Where I Belong (Live) captures the energetic atmosphere and vibrant worship of the conference, and will help you to encounter Jesus through passionate worship.

Audra Lynn’s “Psalm of Abraham” powerfully weaves melody and progressive sounds with lyrics about clinging to God’s promises in the wrestle of faith. With intimate and prayerful language, Cory Asbury’s “Where I Belong” reminds us that we were made for God and God alone. From the NightWatch, Davy Flowers uses world sounds in her song “Forevermore” about the beauty of Jesus and finding joy in His presence.

The worship music in this compilation will draw you into the presence of God, whilst the DVD allows you to worship along with the teams and experience the event as if you were there.

Track Listing

  1. Lowest Place – Laura Hackett Park
  2. You Made a Way – Matt Gilman
  3. I Put On Christ – Laura Hackett
  4. Psalm of Abraham – Audra Lynn
  5. Where I Belong – Cory Asbury
  6. My Beloved – Cory Asbury and Jaye Thomas
  7. People Get Ready – Misty Edwards
  8. Forevermore – Davy Flowers
  9. Real Love – Luke Wood
  10. Grace to Love You – Allyson Prior
  11. Reason to Dance – Jaye Thomas and Cory Asbury
  12. Whom the Son Sets Free – Cory Asbury and Laura Hackett Park
  13. No One Else – Laura Hackett Park and Cory Asbury


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