Paint Your Picture

About This Album

Julie Meyer’s artistic worship and musical creativity are evident in her third album, entitled Paint Your Picture. With a desire to be wholly God’s, Julie sings of her loving relationship with the Father. The powerful arrangements will move your heart, from full rock’n’roll on the electric guitar to beautiful picking on the classical acoustic. Julie not only declares who God is, she pours out her stories of adventure with the Lord and her ache to see His love displayed in glory.

Through poetic lyrics, Julie crafts beautiful pictures that connect the listener to Christ. The message of Paint Your Picture is one of hope and freedom, stirring love and adoration for God in the hearts of believers. Julie’s heart for Israel, the apple of God’s eye, comes through as she sings Jewish melodies in exuberant worship. Many of her songs are straight from Scripture, as Julie leads believers in praising God through His living and eternal Word.

Like the many colors of a sunset, each song on Paint Your Picture captures a different aspect of Julie’s passion for worship and songwriting. Singing from God’s perspective, Julie proclaims the heart of God to possess His people in righteousness in “I Want You with Me.” Faith floods Julie’s voice as she sings “Jesus, I Believe,” declaring that Jesus alone can give healing and salvation. The title song, “Paint Your Picture,” is a warm conversation between Julie and her Creator in which she asks God to write His name on her life. Julie’s intimate lyrics will inspire thankful hearts to praise the only One who can truly bring freedom and joy on the journey of life.

Track Listing

  1. Alabaster Box
  2. I Want You with Me
  3. There Is a River
  4. So Pants My Soul
  5. Jewish Medley
  6. The Voice of One
  7. He Who Touches Israel
  8. Jesus, I Believe
  9. In the Fountain
  10. Lord, I Give You My Heart
  11. Paint Your Picture/The Paintbrush


Featured Artist

Julie Meyer