About This Album

Misty Edwards unlocks the ancient longings of the human soul in Relentless. This group of songs reveals Misty’s genuine heart cry to search out the depths of God, which fuels her intimate lyrics and illuminates her mature vocals. More than just another good worship album, Relentless is a prophetic message declaring the soon return of Christ.

On Relentless, Misty develops songs through simple choruses matched with bellows of electric guitar. The rock arrangements and unconventional melodies call the listener to enter into worship. David Brymer joins Misty in poetic duets that convey the spirit of intimacy in “My Soul Longs for You” and “You Won’t Relent.” This music pours out from the hours of prayer and worship Misty has spent in the prayer room before the Lord. The result is a reflection of God’s incessant pursuit of man’s heart and our response to tirelessly seek Him out.

Track Listing

  1. Finally I Surrender
  2. My Soul Longs for You
  3. You Won’t Relent
  4. All-Consuming Fire
  5. Between the Cherubim
  6. Light of Your Face
  7. People Get Ready
  8. My Confession
  9. I Will Waste My Life
  10. Strings
  11. Servant of All
  12. Mystery
  13. Let Me Love You More
  14. Garden
  15. Dove’s Eyes


  1. Waiting for the Rain
  2. Matthew 25
  3. Like a Rushing River
  4. Break the Chains
  5. I Will Waste My Life
  6. Made to Love You
  7. Let Me Love You More
  8. Servant of All

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