Simply Beautiful

About This Album

Forerunner Music’s first all-female release, Simply Beautiful, resonates with themes of hope, encouragement, and the love and acceptance of Jesus. This collection expresses the captivated heart that each of the singers and worship leaders at the International House of Prayer carries, revealing the passion and depth that comes from continual night-and-day prayer.

The project’s title track, “Simply Beautiful,” by Paula Bowers, powerfully expresses God’s increasing grace and inevitable break-in upon His people. Paula’s exquisite vocals and penetrating lyrics strike the heart with the encouragement that God is moving and won’t be satisfied until His “righteousness covers the earth.” Misty Edwards’ heart-cry in “I am Yours” describes the deep yearning of the lover for her Beloved, as she sings of her desire to fully belong to the Lord. Isa Couvertier offers a unique simplicity of style and melody that both draws and soothes the heart in “Love Covers.”

Although each song on the album is written and performed by women, the music appeals to a wider audience, as it connects with the deep intrinsic desire for intimacy found in all people.

Track Listing

  1. Be Thou My Vision – Laura Hackett
  2. Love Covers – Isa Couvertier
  3. Simply Beautiful – Paula Bowers
  4. Everlasting Arms – Carol Hall
  5. Sing to the Lord – Julie Meyer
  6. I Am Yours – Misty Edwards
  7. Let the Peoples Praise – Alisha Powell
  8. Feels Like Coming Home – Grace Kim
  9. All My Days – Isa Couvertier
  10. God of Kindness – Carol Hall
  11. Beckon Me – Mandy Rushing
  12. Draw Me Away – Sarah Motlong
  13. The Conquering Lion – Grace Kim
  14. Still with Me – Lisa Gottshall

Featured Artists

Laura Hackett
Be Thou My Vision

Isa Couvertier
Love Covers
All My Days

Paula Bowers
Simply Beautiful

Carol Hall
Everlasting Arms
God of Kindness

Julie Meyer
Sing to the Lord

Misty Edwards
I Am Yours

Alisha Powell
Let the Peoples Praise

Grace Kim
Feels Like Coming Home
The Conquering Lion

Mandy Rushing
Beckon Me

Sarah Motlong
Draw Me Away

Lisa Gottshall
Still with Me