About This Album

Audra Lynn expresses the joy of Calvary in her second album, entitled Vow. She declares Christ’s devotion and determination to conquer sin and death, all for love. With soulful vocals, Audra sings her creed to embrace Jesus’ path by taking up her cross to follow Him. Her mature message on Vow is fused with expressive music that mixes gospel, folk, and rock to create an experimental sound. Profound truth flows from Vow, that will open up your heart to encounter the power of the gospel, which satisfies the soul and brings joy in the morning.

Track Listing

  1. Garden Locked
  2. Prologue – At Last
  3. Door Keeper – One Thing
  4. Door Keeper – Every Moment
  5. Little Light
  6. Tastes So Sweet
  7. Cross
  8. Without Love – What Does It Profit Me?
  9. Without Love – A Struggle in Decision
  10. Without Love
  11. In Your Wind – Sowing Ground
  12. In Your Wind – Take My Life
  13. Adorned
  14. Psalm of Abraham
  15. Vow (Procession)
  16. Vow (Altar)
  17. Wellspring

Album Artist

Audra Lynn