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You Satisfy My Soul (Live)

For 25,000 young adults across the globe, downtown Kansas City has become an annual destination for encountering Jesus. Each December, the International House of Prayer of Kansas City hosts Onething, […]

Magnificent Obsession (Live)

onething LIVE: Magnificent Obsession was recorded at last year’s conference in December and highlights some of its most memorable worship songs.

Simple Devotion

The IHOPKC NightWatch community is a group of devoted worship teams and intercessors, who follow a schedule that allows them to lead the prayer room between midnight and 6:00am every night of the year.

Before His Eyes (Live)

A record number of 25,000 young adults gathered in December 2010 at our IHOPKC annual onething young adult conference.


JOY is an album of live music and worship recordings from the IHOPU student awakening, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the IHOPKC community that set thousands free with healing, deliverance, and encounter with God.

Where I Belong (Live)

onething’09 LIVE captures the worship and music from the International House of Prayer’s premier conference for young adults.


Unceasing is a celebratory compilation album in honor of ten years of night and day worship at IHOPKC.


Come and worship the unimaginable greatness of the Lord with Majestic, a compilation album focused on corporate worship that exalts the name of Jesus.

onething LIVE: Holy to the Lord

A variety of worship leaders from the house of prayer are featured on onething LIVE: Holy to the Lord, the second live album release from the onething Conferences.


Allow your spirit to fully worship with Immersed, a compilation CD from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

Onething Live: Pursuit of the Holy

Every year, 15,000 young adults gather together in downtown Kansas City between Christmas and New Year’s for the onething conference.


Constant is a compilation album that is steady and lyrically inspiring.

Simply Beautiful

Forerunner Music’s first all-female release, Simply Beautiful, resonates with themes of hope, encouragement, and the love and acceptance of Jesus.

Deep unto Deep

Deep Unto Deep gathers together many of the skilled worship leaders and devotional instrumentalists from IHOPKC, and the result is a strikingly beautiful contemplative companion to the favorite devotional book, Deep Unto Deep by Dana Candler.

I Can’t Wait

Forerunner music’s first compilation album features the creative talent and profound songs arising from within the IHOPKC community.