Contributing Artists

Anna Blanc

Anna Blanc serves on staff at the International House of Prayer, where she has been a singer and worship leader since 2005. Anna has taught an advanced class on prophetic singing at the music school at International House of Prayer University. Before going into Christian ministry, she obtained a degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Anna lives with her husband, Shawn, and their two sons in Kansas City.


Brandon Hampton

Brandon Hampton was a creative constant at the International House of Prayer for many years after arriving in Kansas City in 2004. As a jack of all musical trades, Brandon wore many hats both in and out of the prayer room. For years he was an electric guitarist for Misty Edwards’ team. He also spent time as an associate worship leader for Matt Gilman and Jon Thurlow. Brandon’s talent reaches beyond the guitar—his production and songwriting skills have been an invaluable part of several of Forerunner Music’s releases. Beyond his involvement at the house of prayer, he traveled and recorded as a guitarist with Jason Upton from 1999–2008. Known and loved in many Christian music circles, Brandon also works with United Pursuit Band, Michael Ketterer, Sean Feucht, Kevin Prosch, Will Reagan, William Matthews, and SisterBrother.


Cassie Campbell

Cassie Campbell plays a significant role in the music at the International House of Prayer, both in live worship and in the studio. She first fell in love with prayer ministry back when the prayer room was in a few connected mobile trailers. “There was such a sweetness to worshiping in the middle of the night and saying, ‘You’re worth the sacrifice,’” Cassie recalls. At the time, Cassie was attending Florida State University, pursuing a degree in music education, with double bass as her principal instrument. After finishing school she joined the staff of the International House of Prayer and has been playing bass as part of the NightWatch since 2005. She has been a member of a number of worship teams, as well as playing on and co-writing songs for over thirty albums.


Clay Edwards

Clay Edwards, for many years a worship leader in the NightWatch, comes from Sundown, Texas. A football player on the Hardin Simmons University team, Clay moved to Kansas City in February of 2002, and joined his sister Sommer on the NightWatch where he has served ever since. “I write songs because it instructs my heart and the hearts of others in the knowledge of who Jesus is,” shares Clay, “leading to encounter with His goodness, mercy, and wisdom in our lives.”


David Brymer

David Brymer is the director of worship and the arts at Pasadena International House of Prayer in California, where he resides. David grew up under Mike Bickle’s leadership and served at the International House of Prayer from 2004–2007. He is an artist and psalmist who loves to minister to Jesus. Through his music and worship leading, David desires to bring healing to the brokenhearted and to bring people into their true identity as the beloved of the Lord.



Davy Flowers

Davy Flowers, a native of Houston, Texas, served in international missions in Swaziland and South Africa and in a house of prayer in Dallas before coming to the house of prayer in Kansas City. In 2008, she moved to Kansas City and joined the NightWatch, the midnight to 6:00am portion of the 24-hour worship and prayer schedule at the International House of Prayer. Through her music, Davy’s desire is to cause the hearts of people to adore and honor Christ.


Elizabeth Cox

A native of the Detroit suburb of Southfield and sister of fellow NightWatch leader Sarah Edwards, Elizabeth worked full-time at a camp for inner city children in Detroit as a worship leader and camp counselor before moving to Kansas City to join the International House of Prayer. After two years at IHOPU’s Forerunner Music Academy, she joined the NightWatch in 2009. “I love the long hours I get to spend ministering to God at a time when so many have no regard for Him,” she says.


Emily Bisinger

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Emily has spent nine years at the International House of Prayer, mostly on the NightWatch. When Emily heard about the Fire in the Night internship, she jumped at the opportunity, because she had already been spending time on her own praying at night. “After the internship was over it was clear to me that this is what I wanted to do long-term.” She has appeared on both of Clay Edwards’ albums and on a project by Jonathan Baldwin. Emily and her husband, Carl, recently welcomed their first child, Bella.


Leah Morgan

Originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, Leah has been a part of the International House of Prayer since 24/7 prayer began in September 1999, serving as a prophetic singer on the NightWatch for the last thirteen years. Her sister, Sada Rogers, is also a worship leader with the NightWatch. “The words of the Bible—alive, active, and powerful—provoke me,” says Leah of her commitment to the Lord in the NightWatch. “Singing the Word and writing songs based on Scripture sear truth into my heart and my mind, and that is what inspires me.”


Ryan Kondo

When an injury during Ryan Kondo’s senior year of high school interrupted his plans to pursue sport, he picked up the guitar, beginning a journey in worship ministry that would eventually lead him to the International House of Prayer to be involved with Forerunner Music Academy and become a worship leader in the prayer room. Ryan loves to minister to the Lord in song, with a focus on the cross and the worthiness and majesty of Jesus, and is passionate about training and encouraging young musicians.


Sarah Edwards

From Southfield, Michigan, Sarah Edwards was an integral part of the NightWatch team at the International House of Prayer from January of 2003 until spring 2012. She loved being part of the team of people who minister to the Lord in the night hours, but needed to change to a day schedule in this season of her life as a mother of young children. Sarah’s song “Dark but Lovely” on the Forerunner Music album Constant has become a prayer room standard.


Tim Reimherr

Tim joined the International House of Prayer in 2001 and soon began writing some of the worship songs that have become classics in our prayer room. He leads worship in the prayer room for six early morning two-hour prayer meetings each week. Tim’s personal devotion and humility before the Lord are evident in his songwriting; his songs are known for the fervent desire they express for Jesus to return to the earth. His desire as a worship leader is to help others encounter the Lord more deeply.


Wallace and Rachel Faagutu

Wallace and Rachel are ministers of music. With a passion for people, prayer, and family, they spend their lives creating music with an aim to usher people of all ages into God’s presence. Wallace and Rachel both serve on worship teams in the Global Prayer Room and Rachel leads worship regularly. They also work actively in children’s ministry and have released a full-length children’s worship album as well as many other releases spanning a variety of
genres. Wallace and Rachel live in Kansas City with their three children.


Zac Dinsmore

Zac Dinsmore is a young musician, songwriter, and worship leader. He moved to Kansas City with his family in 2006 and spent his teen years coupling schooling with the house of prayer. Zac began his journey as a worship leader at a young age in the Children’s Equipping Center and spent many years in IHOPKC’s student worship and prayer program. Immediately after graduating high school, he enrolled in IHOPU and now plays guitar for Jon Thurlow and also leads regularly in the Global Prayer Room. Zac is passionate about writing songs that impact people’s hearts by revealing the nature of the Father and leading worship from a place of tenderness that brings others into the presence of the Lord.