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Consider explores the unsearchable greatness of God through the beauty and majesty of Christ Jesus.

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Alisha Powell grew up in a musical family and began playing piano and singing at a very young age. She made the move to Kansas City in 1998 from a small town in southwest Kansas, before the start of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC). Being an intern at the church Mike Bickle was pastoring at the time, before he founded the house of prayer, Alisha witnessed the formation of the prayer room as it took place. She remembers, “I knew it was something I would like to be involved in, but never dreamed it would be possible.” A month before the International House of Prayer began, she was invited to be a part of the first internship, and through that experience the desire in her heart grew to be involved in the house of prayer long term. Today, fifteen years later, she is still ministering to the Lord in the place of prayer, and her heart is growing in the Lord day by day.

Alisha has been inspired by many worship leaders over the past twenty years, including those in Vineyard Music, as well as many of IHOPKC’s worship leaders like Carol Hall and Pablo Perez. She also has a love for gospel, R&B, latin, and jazz, and tastes of each of these are often found interwoven in her music. Alisha’s song creation is a natural development out of her worship leading. “For me, songwriting mostly entails taking a musical idea or chorus from a prayer meeting I lead at the house of prayer and further developing that musical idea, or taking a passage we are studying as a worship team and writing a song from that.” Since much of the worship created in the prayer room involves singing Scripture, her songs are deeply founded on the Word.

Alisha longs to grow in the spirit of prophecy through singing, “to see people set free by the Word of the Lord coming forth from the singers and musicians.” Her desire is to write music that conveys the majesty of God and the beauty of Jesus, and that this message would go forth in the nations through worship, prayer, and proclamation. She serves in the prayer room as a worship leader, section leader, and teacher during the NightWatch, from midnight to 6am.