Jaye Thomas


Here Is My Worship

Here Is My Worship is a collection of heartfelt gospel and worship songs recorded live at the International House of Prayer’s Onething 2012 and 2013 conferences.

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Higher – Single

This debut gospel single from Jaye Thomas & The Cry is contagiously uplifting with its powerful, energetic portrayal of Psalm 40 and Psalm 116.

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Jaye Thomas is a dynamic singer, songwriter, and worship leader who has been a household name among the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) community since moving to Kansas City in 2008. Jaye is well-known for his original songs which are featured on various Forerunner Music compilations and Onething Live albums, such as “We Make Room,” “We Love Your Name,” “Song of Love,” “Only One,” and more. He also has many popular co-writes with Cory Asbury, such as “Shekinah,” “Holy Ghost Party,” and “Reason to Dance.”

Jaye’s journey began in North Carolina, growing up as one of three children in a highly musical family—his father sang professionally for twenty-five years, his mother played the piano, and all his extended family were musicians and singers, notably, his great-aunt, the renowned blues legend Nina Simone.

While attending community college, Jaye was selected for a Brightleaf Music scholarship program to study short-term among the greatest jazz musicians and teachers at Duke University. Upon leaving the scholarship program, Jaye went into full-time ministry as a worship pastor at a church in North Florida, where he discovered the power of intercession and soon released his first full-length solo album entitled Pray. Though not in print anymore, that album set him on a course that he hasn’t looked back from.

Since 2010, Jaye has led a gospel vocal ensemble called The Cry, made up of current or past prayer room singers and worship leaders at IHOPKC. The Cry performed with Jaye at IHOPKC’s Onething 2012 and Onething 2013 conferences and were featured alongside him on tracks from both of those years’ Onething Live albums, as well as on his 2012 single, “Higher.”

Asked what accomplishment he is most proud of, Jaye says, “My family. I have the privilege of being married to Nayomi, my best friend, and the love of my life. She pushes me to want to live wholeheartedly for the Lord. She is the mother of our incredible children, Mahan and Justice. You can have the accomplishments. Just give me my Jesus and my family.”