Jon Thurlow


Stand In Awe

Having led worship for ten consecutive years at the International House of Prayer, Jon Thurlow has come to be known for joyful, melodically catchy, yet provoking songs, eleven of which have been captured live on Stand In Awe.

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After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in sacred music from Nyack College, Jon came to the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) in 2004 to attend Fire in the Night, a three-month NightWatch internship. As an intern he was in the prayer room from midnight to 6:00am each night. After Fire in the Night he joined IHOPKC staff, and has served faithfully as a worship leader for many years, leading a team of singers and musicians in six two-hour sets per week.

Jon began leading worship as a teenager. When he was seventeen, he felt a stirring in his heart to use music to draw people’s hearts into the Lord’s presence. Jon believes this is the essential purpose of music. He’s passionate about creating music that will magnify the Lord’s awesome name while connecting people with His heart.

Many of Jon’s songs were composed spontaneously while leading worship in the prayer room. One of his more recent songs, “Storm All around You,” originated unplanned during a daily worship set from his years spent meditating on the description of God’s throne in Revelation 4 and 5.

In late 2005, Jon had been at IHOPKC for a year but was still struggling to write songs, particularly lyrics. Music and melody would sometimes come together, but he couldn’t seem to find the right lyrics. One night he felt God leading him to set aside distractions and more fully pursue the Lord in his free time, and to be more careful about what he allowed himself to watch or listen to. Knowing that this would take a considerable adjustment, Jon took steps to obey the Lord’s promptings.

About three weeks later he was at home playing the piano, when he wrote an original song in ten minutes—music and lyrics! A month later, it happened again. Over the course of six months he wrote five or six songs that became his first solo album, A Life That’s Worthy. He realized that the Lord had been trying to pour songs into him for a long time, but that his heart had been too full of other things.

Jon and his wife, Kinsey, are thankful to be a part of the movement of worship and prayer that is spreading across the earth. With anticipation they look to the day when every knee will bow before Jesus and every mouth will confess Him as Lord.