Julie Meyer


Paint Your Picture

Julie Meyer’s artistic worship and musical creativity are evident in Paint Your Picture, with songs of hope and freedom in God that stir new love and adoration for God in the hearts of believers.

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Longing for the Day

This driving yet intimate collection of songs draws us deeper into the wonder of God’s love and the joy of knowing Him, and sets before us the sure hope of His coming on that great day.

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With three original songs and six traditional carols, this album is an eclectic mix of styles, unfolding the story of good news for mankind and celebrating Christ’s coming to earth.

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Julie Meyer is a longtime worship leader/songwriter at the International House of Prayer, and has been leading since before IHOPKC’s start in 1999. She is a prophetic singer with a heart to carry the glory and presence of God as an abandoned worshiper.

Julie trumpets the message of the Bridegroom searching for His Bride. Her prophetic experiences and understanding of God through intimacy have greatly fueled her musical creativity in the house of prayer. Through worship songs and spontaneous choruses, her music has inspired many to lean into their Beloved. Julie has recorded several albums; she recently authored the book Invitation to Encounter. In her traveling ministry at conferences and churches, Julie teaches about the kindness of Jesus from the Song of Songs, and about the wealth of going deep in God.

Julie and her husband, Walt, have three sons, Isaac and twins Jesse and Joseph.


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