Forerunner Music Releases June 23: Onething Live: All Cry Glory

Live Album Captures the Theme of Family, Spontaneous Worship Moments from International House of Prayer’s Annual Onething Conference in Kansas City, MO

Over 15,000 Worshipers from Across the World Gathered at 15th Year-End Premier Event, Including Well-Known Worship Artists Audrey Assad and Jonathan David and Melissa Helser

Recorded during the International House of Prayer of Kansas City’s (IHOPKC’s) annual Onething young adult conference last December and marking the 11th live Onething album to date, Onething Live: All Cry Glory releases today from Forerunner Music, the official record label of IHOPKC. Featuring some of the most memorable songs from the 15th year-end premier event, Onething Live: All Cry Glory captures the energetic atmosphere and vibrant worship of the conference led by Forerunner Music artists and members of IHOPKC’s worship teams, while sharing a spirit of unity found amongst the 15,000+ worshipers in attendance and an estimated 500,000 participants via live broadcasts during the 4-day event.

The 12-track album (and 18-track Deluxe Edition), centered around the unifying theme of “All Cry Glory,” includes new songs from established Forerunner Music artists Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett Park, Jonas Park, Jaye Thomas, and more, as well as new songs from four IHOPKC worship leaders appearing on a Onething album for the first time: Brandon Oaks, David Forlu, Olivia Buckles, and Lesley Phillips. Also featured on the album is the compelling rendition of the song, “Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts)” sung by Misty Edwards, “You Came (Lazarus)” by guest worship leaders Jonathan David and Melissa Helser, and “River in the Rock,” an original song by guest worship leader and critically lauded singer-songwriter Audrey Assad.

This year’s album includes an emphasis on spontaneous choruses and songs the worship teams formed in the moment, helping recreate the atmosphere of live worship at the conference. The spirit present in the music is conveyed through the recording, allowing listeners to revisit powerful worship moments time and time again. This phenomena, present on other Onething albums but given special emphasis this year, is part of what connects so powerfully with listeners, whether or not they have attended a Onething conference.

Artist Project from Lauren Alexandria is a Musical and Spiritual Tour de Force

Marking the culmination of her first five years at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC), Lauren Alexandria’s new five-song EP, Victorious in Love, releases April 14th from Forerunner Music, IHOPKC’s official record label.

Lauren, who appeared on Forerunner Music’s 2016 release Onething Live: Love Makes Us Strong, has now drawn together a number of powerful songs birthed from prophetic choruses sung in IHOPKC’s Global Prayer Room and from her personal journey with God. Victorious in Love features powerful anthems that take the listener deep into her heart—and God’s.

“These are songs that have been written either from the prayer room, capturing different moments there, or from spending time with God and letting Him speak and sing melodies over me,” Lauren says.

Lauren has much to celebrate this April: along with this first EP, she has gotten married. She has added the personal touch to this release, with her new husband, Kendrian Dueck, singing on “Unknown Places.”

“We definitely plan to keep doing music together,” Lauren says.

Drawing inspiration from fellow Forerunner Music artist Misty Edwards, and the collaboration of Nashville producer Ben Shive (Laura Hackett Park, MercyMe, Rend Collective, Sara Groves, etc.), Victorious in Love is a God-saturated EP.

Lauren, a graduate of the Forerunner Music Academy at International House of Prayer University and a current worship leader in the Global Prayer Room, has given herself to a journey of seeking first the Lord. Her prayer is that all who listen to the project would feel likewise.

Oh, that we would live a life of worship
That He may find us shouting praises in the valleys,
And when He calls us away to those mountains,
It is the very heart of worship that picks up that cross,
Grabs His hand, and leans into His strength,
With thanksgiving on our lips, and joy in our hearts.
He is our great hope, and fear has no place—
Yes by yes, choice by choice, step by step—
With a song of His love in our hearts,
We will conquer every mountain,
We will be victorious.

Victorious in Love is available now at the Forerunner Bookstore and on iTunes.

For more information, or to contact Forerunner Music, visit

GMA Dove Awards Nominations

Onething Live: Sing Your Praises has been nominated for Special Event Album of the Year and Julie Meyer’s Christmas has been nominated for Christmas Album of the Year at the 2014 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards!

View Sing Your Praises here »

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Coming Soon: Forward EP

Forerunner Music Presents Forward
Jonas Park & David Bollmann

Jonas Park is a well-known and much beloved worship leader and songwriter at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. His song “I Am Yours,” which is featured on the most recent Onething Live album, Sing Your Praises, has become a worship anthem in our prayer room over the past several years. Another of his songs, “Coming Home,” was recorded in 2011 for Forerunner Music’s Hold On compilation, an album accompanying and inspired by the award-winning documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.

Now, Forerunner Music is excited to present Forward, Park‘s debut EP release, recorded alongside long-time songwriting collaborator and friend, David Bollmann. You may know David as the keyboardist from the Virginia Beach band, Rekapse (also represented by its guitarist, and Bollmann’s brother, Kelly, as well as its bassist and drummer).

The album title, inspired by Philippians 3:14, came about when, as explained by Park, “we were in the early stages of planning the album, both walking through some difficult times, and I remember the Lord saying to me, ‘Jonas, if you are moving forward in God as your central focus, you are moving forward in life,’ and that phrase really complements the verse for me: to keep Christ as the prize, to forget what lies behind, and to reach forward to the upward call of Christ Jesus.”

Forward sets the tone for its creative strain of worship with “I Remember” as Park, joined by fiancée Laura Hackett, declares, “I remember the faithfulness of Your touch and how You’d lift me up // Because You always delight in showing mercy” to a backdrop of driving piano riffs, played by Bollmann, and frantic beats.

The next track, “Lifter Of My Head,” is a hope-filled anthem by Bollmann—reminiscent of the Davidic psalms—which pleasantly layers pensive bells and programming with an intriguing guitar line that immediately captures the listener’s attention. The song rises to its symphonious crescendo as Bollmann sings, “I can see You, You’re arising, lifter of my head, lifter of my head!”

“Nearness” is a moving expression of Park’s yearning for the return of Jesus in which he reflects on the intimacy of Eden and anticipates the time when we will walk together with Jesus in perfect nearness. This beautiful composition grips the heart with its chorus as Park sings of his longing: “To know Your nearness as in the garden, to walk with You, Lord, hand in hand,” and the compelling declaration that “this will be our song until You come home, that nothing else will do, we must have You.”

Bollmann moves the album effortlessly from the aggressive instrumentation and catchy choruses of its first half to the far mellower expression of creativity, which characterizes its second half. “Oh Jesus,” a simple song of adoration laced with atmospheric textures and airy melodies, precedes the shuffling “All My Hope,” which lays its foundation with organs and chiming guitars before kicking the intensity back up for its soaring bridge as Bollmann sings, “You rose again for me // You’re coming back for me!”

“There’s Only One Worthy” is the perfect curtain-closer for the album, an acoustic guitar-driven song by Park, incorporating majestic string arrangements as it describes how Jesus came as a man and “took our place on death row to show us the Father and give us a home.” This song lends itself perfectly to a Sunday morning church setting, its simple worshipful chorus declaring, “There’s only One worthy // Jesus, You’re worthy.”

Forward drops July 29. Mark your calendars!

Onething Live: Sing Your Praises (Live)

Onething 2013 was an exceptional conference for us and we are very excited to present Sing Your Praises, the new live Onething album. Established IHOPKC Onething artists Laura Hackett, Matt Gilman, Justin Rizzo, Jon Thurlow, Anna Blanc, Ryan Kondo, and Jaye Thomas all feature on this album with new original songs. We are pleased to introduce Zac Dinsmore, Jonas Park, and Wallace and Rachel Faagutu as new Onething artists who join them in worshiping and praising Jesus with their own songs. Laura Hackett also covers Matt Redman’s “Holy,” and Misty Edwards sings Kevin Prosch’s “The Gift.”

We hope that the music on this album allows you to relive some of what we thought were the best worship moments from Onething 2013.

View the album here »

Pas Neos: Who Do You Say I Am?

Pas Neos’ sophomore release, Who Do You Say I Am?, is a journey through successive events in the life of Jesus as detailed in the gospel accounts, undergirded by pulsing, synth-tinged indie rock. Recounted from a range of perspectives, including those of Jesus, the disciples, and the thief on the cross, the album insightfully conveys differing opinions concerning the Son of Man. The themes of hope and joy energetically run throughout, mixed with mourning, wonder, curiosity, and longing. Each song builds a vivid scene that is potent in its ability to stir the listener’s thoughts and emotions, often inspiring new insight on familiar biblical passages. This album is a refreshing reminder to believers of the weightiness in Peter’s reply to Jesus’ question when he stated, “You are the Christ.” It will surely leave seekers more determined than ever to discover the truth of this answer for themselves.

View the album here: Who Do You Say I Am?

onething LIVE: Magnificent Obsession

July 24, 2012, marks an important day. onething LIVE: Magnificent Obsession will be released worldwide in coordination with national bookstores, which is a big first for us as a record label. We hope it will bless you and that you will tweet it, post to Facebook, and share it with your friends. Our album releases are always a team effort between us and you, and we really appreciate your help as fellow messengers.

New Forerunner Music Website

Forerunner Music is proud to introduce our new website, also known as It is a place where you can easily browse through projects new and old and hear the worship songs that have been created in the place of 24/7 prayer at the International House of Prayer for over a decade. You can listen to albums, download chords/lyric charts, watch video interviews and live worship recordings, download free songs, and keep up with all the latest from Forerunner Music. We hope you like our new site.