Pricing and Registration

How much does Onething 2017 cost?
Super Early Bird pricing runs through June 30:

  • $49 Individual registration
  • $44 Group registration for 10+ people (per person)
  • $89 Individual registration with translation
  • $55 Children’s tracks (ages 5–12)

Early Bird pricing runs through August 31:

  • $59 Individual registration
  • $49 Group registration for 10+ people (per person)
  • $99 Individual registration with translation
  • $55 Children’s tracks (ages 5–12)

Regular pricing runs through November 30:

  • $69 Individual registration
  • $59 Group discount for 10+ people (per person)
  • $109 Individual registration with translation
  • $55 Children’s tracks (ages 5–12)

Late pricing ends December 28:

  • $89 Individual registration
  • $79 Group discount for 10+ people (per person)
  • $129 Individual registration with translation
  • $55 Children’s tracks (ages 5–12)

At the door pricing begins December 28

  • $100 Individual registration
  • $40 Daily registration
  • $140 Individual registration with translation
  • $55 Children’s tracks (ages 5–12)

Do you know any young people who want to grow in their love for God and make an impact in life? Why not bring them with you? We hear of hundreds of young people whose lives are turned around when they encounter Jesus at Onething. You could help change someone’s life forever!

How do I register myself, my group, my family?
Please refer to our registration information. Online registration is also available for children’s tracks (ages 5–12), group registration with discounts for groups of 10+, and translation. Children under the age of 5 may attend free with their parents. These children will receive their wristbands when their patents register. Children age 5–12 will need to be registered for the conference. If they are registered for the children’s track, they will be able to attend the main sessions as well.

Is there a group discount?
Yes. We offer group discount pricing for groups of at least ten people. Each person in the group will receive a $10 discount. Group discounts are only available online and unfortunately will not be available to those registering at the event.

Please note: Once you register a group of ten or more people, you cannot add additional people to your group order and receive the discount without registering a new group of ten or more. Please be sure to account for each person in your group before submitting your registration form.

I can only come to Onething for one day. Is there a daily rate?
Yes. Daily attendees pay $40 per day at the door.

What time does registration open at the Convention Center?
Registration will open at 10am on Thursday, December 28.

General Information

What age groups are this conference intended for?
While the focus of Onething 2017 is on young adults, we welcome people of all ages. We provide children’s tracks during every session of the conference for children ages 5–12. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare for children under the age of five, but all properly registered children are welcome in the main auditorium, where special space is allocated for strollers.

Where is this event located?
This conference is held at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City (301 W 13th St., Kansas City, MO 64105).

How far is the airport from the conference?
Kansas City International airport is about 20 minutes north of the Kansas City Convention Center, the conference venue, which is in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Is there public transportation in downtown Kansas City?
Yes, but public transportation is limited. Find information here »

At the Conference

When does the conference start?
The first session of Onething 2017 begins at 2pm on Thursday, December 28.

Do you have a nursing mothers’ room?
Yes, our nursing mothers’ room adjoins the main conference hall.

Is there a bookstore at Onething 2017?
Yes, our bookstore is stocked full with music, books, teaching, apparel, gifts, and much more. Can’t wait? Buy now online »

Will the prayer room be at the conference location again this year?
Yes. Our 24/7 prayer room will be downtown during the day and evening; the NightWatch will remain at our facilities in south Kansas City.

Can I find out more about the ministry of IHOPKC at the conference?
Yes, we would love to tell you more about us. We hold several informational meetings on different aspects of our ministry: becoming a student at International House of Prayer University, taking a 3- or 6-month internship with us, and many more. We also have booths representing all our departmental ministries, manned by our staff who are there to serve you during the conference and answer all your questions.

How do I sign up for prophetic ministry at the conference?
Prophetic Ministry appointments are at set times throughout the conference. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and begins as soon as the doors open on Thursday, December 28. Each person must be present and already be registered for the conference. Registration fills up almost immediately, so consider pre-registering for the conference and arriving early. We are sorry that we are not able to hold any appointments for those who arrive late.

How do I sign up for Healing Rooms (prayer for physical healing) at the conference?
Healing Rooms teams will be ministering on the 28th and 29th only. Sign-up for ministry appointments is on a first-come, first-served basis and is walk-in only.


Are there places to eat nearby?
There are concession stands in the Convention Center itself, and dozens of restaurants close by in the downtown area. See list of restaurants »

Can I bring my own food to the Convention Center?
No, the Kansas City Convention Center does not allow people to bring their own food. Staff will not allow you to bring any food into the building, including coolers, etc.


Can you help me with my hotel reservation?
No, we utilize a third-party booking agent that manages hotel reservations for our guests. Hotel reservations are not made through or managed by the International House of Prayer, and we do not have access to your hotel reservation information.

See a list of hotels »
Make a reservation »

If you have any questions, you can contact our hotel booking agent directly at (800) 767-7700 or email housing@ihs-housingteam.com. Please call or email if you have questions only—hotel reservations cannot be made through our booking agent.

Further questions?
Please contact events@ihopkc.org.