Join the Team!

Each year we rely on thousands of volunteers joining our team to make Onething happen—an event with 20,000 people! Teams do everything from helping with setup and teardown to ushering whole seating sections to serving on the altar ministry team to speaking life and truth over conference attendees in the healing and prophecy rooms.

Whether or not you’re from Kansas City, we’d love for you to look at the different teams and roles available. Click on the one(s) that interest you, and sign up for a shift or two. If you have any questions, please see the frequently asked questions below.

Thanks for serving, and we look forward to having you join us at Onething!


The areas below require approval before signing up. Once you are approved the area leader will give you the access code needed to sign up.

Healing Rooms

Sign up is only open for those who have been pre-approved.

Prophecy Rooms

Sign up is only open for those who have been pre-approved.


Sign up is only open for those who have been pre-approved.

Welcome Center

Please email: davearnold@ihopkc.org

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You must sign up online. This year there are no paper forms.
  1. Click on the link to take you to the Volunteer Area Sign Up page that interests you. The page will be complete with details and need-to-know information specific to the area.
  2. Once there, click on the green register button on the right.
  3. This will open a box with all of the shifts available for your chosen area. Select the shifts you can commit to covering. Select Checkout.
  4. Complete the form and submit.

Can I change or cancel my shifts after I sign up?

We would ask that you only sign up for shifts you know you are able to commit to. However, we know life happens. When you signed up to volunteer through the platform, an Eventbrite account was automatically created for you. When you sign in at eventbrite.com, you will be able to cancel your shifts and sign up for a new shift on your own. To view and edit your shifts:
  1. Sign in to your account at eventbrite.com.
  2. Select your name on the right of the toolbar across the top of the page. Select Tickets.
  3. Under Upcoming Events you will see ticket info for each of your shifts.
  4. There you can select shifts and “cancel order” if you are unable to follow through with a shift you signed up for. You are not able to update shifts there. For that you would need to cancel and sign up for a new shift.

Can I sign up my whole family at one time?

Please only sign up yourself under your account. Additional family members can be signed up under their own account.

Where do I report for my shift?

We will not have one main check-in, so please pay attention to details included in the email you receive. Different volunteer areas will have different check-in points.

More questions?

Email events@ihopkc.org