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December 29, 2015

Thousands seeking renewal arrive in KC for International House of Prayer conference

Thousands of young people seeking renewal and revival hope to find it this week in downtown Kansas City.

That’s where the annual Onething Conference, organized by the International House of Prayer, continued Tuesday at the Kansas City Convention Center.

The 14th year-end event sponsored by the south Kansas City evangelical organization represents a downtown holiday tradition, attracting thousands of young people from across the country. That remained true this week, even though bad weather delayed the arrival of some.

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November 4, 2015

Source: CharismaNews

Bob Jones’ 1985 ‘Kansas City Royals’ Prophecy Stirs Hope for Revival

The Kansas City Royals rallied to win the World Series on Sunday, and many in Kansas City and beyond are shouting for joy—even if they are not hardcore baseball fans. That’s because they are believing the prophets and hoping to prosper.

Indeed, the win was not only significant because it was the first time in 30 years the Royals took home the championship; it’s significant because it fulfills a string of prophecies and stirs hope in the hearts of many contending for revival in Kansas City and America.

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September 10, 2015

Source: CharismaNews

The Truth About IHOPKC

My name is Johnny Youssef and I am 29. I moved to Kansas City to be a part of the International House of Prayer in January 2009 when I attended a six-month internship called “One Thing.”

I have served at IHOPKC in some capacity for over six years. One of my roles was the district pastor for the young adults at the church.

I wanted to share my story and experiences for several reasons. The main reason I decided to write this is because I have been asked numerous times from friends and relatives on my experience, especially after moving away, and I wanted to shed light on it. I pray that my writing will bring clarity and encouragement to you.

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January 19, 2015

Source: CharismaNews

IHOPKC’s Mike Bickle Calls for Strong Intercession Over Franklin Graham

In the wake of Franklin Graham’s bold stance against Duke organizing a Muslim call to prayer from its chapel bell tower every Friday, the International House of Prayer in Kanas City (IHOPKC) is calling for intercession over the evangelist.

“We are calling believers to support and pray for Franklin Graham,” says Mike Bickle, director of IHOPKC. “He has boldly yet tenderly taken a biblical stance in warning America in relation to Islam, gay marriage and several other important subjects.”

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January 2, 2015

Source: CharismaNews

What Reinhard Bonnke Told Thousands of Youth at Onething

Reinhard Bonnke has led 76 million people to the Lord during the course of his 60 years in ministry. The evangelist that has had over one million people in his meetings declared to the over 20,000 conference attendees in Kansas City that “America will be saved.”

Bonnke added, “I want to pass my baton on to someone who’s here.” The 75-year-old evangelist shared how he met George Jeffreys, a minister of healing in the UK. Jeffreys was in his 70s and Bonnke was a 22-year-old Bible college student. “He prayed for God’s blessing for me and I picked up a mantle,” says Bonnke. “The next day I heard that he died.”

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July 1, 2014

Source: Mission Frontiers Magazine, July–August 2014

Dick Eastman’s 1971 Vision of a Global Prayer Movement

. . . Dick Eastman, a man who in 1971 saw a vision of a global prayer movement that would correspond with the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen . . . is famous for saying, “The degree to which prayer is mobilized will be the degree to which the world is evangelized.”

In 1999, at the same time that both the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and the 24/7 Boiler Room movement in England began, Eastman committed EHC to the development of a 24/7 house of prayer at their Colorado Springs based ministry center. The Jericho Prayer Center was dedicated in 2003 with the model of “harp and bowl”/night-and-day prayer at its center.

EHC is known for keeping detailed records of their ministry’s numbers. At a conference on prayer and missions in 2012, Dick Eastman shared with the crowd about the dramatic difference night and day prayer has made on their ministry’s work globally.

July 1, 2014

Source: Mission Frontiers Online Magazine

Critical Mass

“In 1984, the number of 24/7 houses of prayer in the world was fewer than twenty-five. Today there are over ten thousand—and most of that growth has been in the last ten years; they are springing up all over the globe at a staggering rate.”1 This is a unique phenomenon that is unprecedented in history. There is a critical mass forming.

These houses of prayer often act as missional “sodalities.” This means they are second-decision communities that serve in a role outside of the local church like other specialized non-profit ministries. Others see themselves as expressions of a type of local missional church, with a 24/7 prayer culture built into its core.

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May 29, 2014

Source: Ministry Today Magazine

Charisma Media Unveils Ministry Today 21

. . . At Ministry Today, our core values are not simply to play up the biggest and the best. However, we believe ministries and churches should be recognized for being godly examples and models for others.

As the managing editor of Ministry Today magazine, I am proud to unveil our Ministry Today 21—a list of 21 churches and ministries that are influencing the 21st-century church . . .

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May 22, 2014

Source: Ministry Today Magazine

Ministry Today 21: International House of Prayer

When charismatic minister Mike Bickle gathered 20 people to launch the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) 15 years ago, he helped plant the seeds of a 24/7 prayer movement that exploded worldwide.

Since its humble beginnings in a storefront location at a former strip mall, IHOPKC has helped launch hundreds of prayer groups. Its web-streamed prayer room and initiatives like the Luke18 Project, a program that aims to train at least 10,000 young leaders to plant prayer furnaces in the hardest and darkest places in the world, help inspire the church to complete the task of world evangelization.

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January 2, 2014

Source: CharismaNews

Mike Bickle Reveals Prayer Strategies at IHOPKC’s ‘Onething’ Conference

More than 30,000 people from 100 countries gathered in Kansas City for the Onething Conference hosted by the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) in late December. The conference was also the launch of what is to be an annual summit of the major leaders in the missions, prayer and Bible translation movements and a partnership with the Seed Company of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

“We want to see the gospel preached and 24/7 worship and prayer in every tribe and tongue,” said Mike Bickle, founder of IHOPKC, in the opening session.

Bickle added, “We’re believing for 10,000 prayer chains or prayer ministries across the earth. We’re hosting the first meeting, bringing together the movements in church planting, missions, prayer and Bible translation. There’s one movement in God’s heart, and some people think a call to prayer and fasting is a call to isolation and [to] disengage. The missions movement needs the prayer movement, and the local church needs to be filled with the glory of God.”

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