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Our approach to handling sensitive information about a person’s sin or other wrongdoing

When someone in our church family or organization mistreats or sins against another individual in any way—physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally—the IHOPKC leadership is committed to a biblical process of healing and restoration for all parties, including an approach to see the offender come to a place of genuine repentance for their wrongdoing. If anyone has information that will help in the healing process of someone who has been mistreated, then we ask that it be shared privately with one of our leaders—a leader who is involved in the healing process or a leader who is a position of authority over either of the parties involved.

Our desire is to steward sensitive information about all people in redemptive ways that create a safe environment to bring restoration and healing to anyone who has been mistreated. We have no desire to use sensitive negative information about either the offender or the offended for any purpose other than to promote love, life, and healing for all—especially those who have been mistreated. If the offender is genuinely repentant and working in good faith towards the restoration of all parties, our past experience indicates that communication about the situation by those who are not involved in the process is usually detrimental, and, unless it is necessary for the process of healing, we will not give out sensitive information about any of the parties. We take sin seriously, but we also take redemption seriously. We care about both.

If the mistreatment or abuse is of a criminal nature, the IHOPKC leadership remains committed to support the work of the authorities to act in accordance with the various legal processes that are applicable and required.

In light of the sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse that occurs in our society, we emphasize that our leadership team greatly values the safety of all of our people with a particular focus on providing a safe environment for those who are most vulnerable in our midst (Please find our policies for child safety). We have zeal to identify any people who have shown any propensity towards predatory behavior and follow actions that will ensure they never come into contact with the vulnerable.

Some in the news media expose sensitive negative information due to their sincere desire for justice and for redemptive actions to be taken that will bring healing. Others make information known for less noble reasons—some promoting other agendas, seeking to make a name for themselves; some using such stories to attack those who hold different worldviews, specifically on social issues; or some even simply engaging in social voyeurism.

May the Lord show His mercy and grace to all of us. Lord, give us wisdom on how to walk in love, bringing Your healing and restoration to honor the dignity of every person that we communicate with and relate to.