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Source: Mission Frontiers Magazine, July–August 2014

Dick Eastman’s 1971 Vision of a Global Prayer Movement

. . . Dick Eastman, a man who in 1971 saw a vision of a global prayer movement that would correspond with the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen . . . is famous for saying, “The degree to which prayer is mobilized will be the degree to which the world is evangelized.”

In 1999, at the same time that both the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and the 24/7 Boiler Room movement in England began, Eastman committed EHC to the development of a 24/7 house of prayer at their Colorado Springs based ministry center. The Jericho Prayer Center was dedicated in 2003 with the model of “harp and bowl”/night-and-day prayer at its center.

EHC is known for keeping detailed records of their ministry’s numbers. At a conference on prayer and missions in 2012, Dick Eastman shared with the crowd about the dramatic difference night and day prayer has made on their ministry’s work globally.