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The International House of Prayer Joins Every Home for Christ in a Dynamic Partnership for the Great Commission

Beginning in June 2016, the International House of Prayer Missions Base (IHOPKC) is entering into a dynamic partnership with Every Home for Christ (EHC).

Every Home for Christ is one of the largest and most effective missions organizations in the world, reaching around 300,000 homes (1.2 million people) with the gospel and planting around 80 Christ Group Fellowships (Bible study groups) every day. Since its launch in 1946, EHC has distributed more than 3.7 billion gospel booklets, visited more than 1.8 billion homes, and established more than 300,000 Christ Group Fellowships in over 130 nations.

The success of these efforts is rooted in EHC’s commitment to prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. The component of prayer has helped to fuel EHC’s new partnership with IHOPKC.

Since it first began in 1999, IHOPKC has been committed to the task of the Great Commission. Recognizing that prayer is both the fuel and the goal of effective evangelism, discipleship, and healthy Christian communities, IHOPKC has established 24/7 prayer with worship as the primary focus of its missions base in Kansas City.

Both organizations have expressed enthusiasm about this new partnership. Dick Eastman, international president of EHC, stated, “The convergence of systematic evangelism and committed, powerful prayer could very well accelerate the harvest at rates we have not seen since the days of the early church.”

Mike Bickle, director of IHOPKC, said, “I am confident that, before Jesus returns, we will see the preaching of the gospel and 24/7 prayer and worship in every tribe and tongue. I am hopeful that this partnership with EHC will be a significant contribution towards that end.”

About the International House of Prayer:

The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) is an evangelical missions organization based in Kansas City and Grandview, Missouri. Since September 19 1999 IHOPKC has established and maintained a 24/7 prayer room, a perpetual solemn assembly which combines worship in the form of music and singing with different types of prayer. This prayer room is then broadcast live over the internet to the nations of the earth. The vision of the International House of Prayer is to work with the Body of Christ to serve the Great Commission, seeking biblical prayer for the harvest with music from a place of wholehearted love for God to be established in every tribe and tongue on the earth. The work of IHOPKC includes equipping through its university and many training programs and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God.