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International House of Prayer of Kansas City Concludes Misconduct Investigation


After one full year, all investigations regarding a 2018 sexual misconduct allegation made against an International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) staff member have been completed. “Both the victim and the accused members of this investigation have found resolution,” says a senior IHOPKC official.

“During the course of discovery, the victim realized that the accused did make a genuine apology and she has genuinely forgiven him,” her Sacramento lawyer, Joseph George, said on Friday, December 14, 2018 in a telephone interview with the Modesto Bee.

In 2018, charges were made against an IHOPKC staff member during his tenure in a ministry unrelated to IHOPKC, in another state, over thirty years ago. The accused was placed on a leave of absence while the IHOPKC Executive Leadership Team spent considerable time in discovery and fact-finding with regards to the victim’s accusations. When the injured party escalated the nature of the original claim and requested an expansion to the internal process, IHOPKC agreed to bring in an outside organization of the victim’s recommendation to ensure a fair and thorough investigation.

During the course of both the internal and external investigations, the accused demonstrated genuine remorse and repentance over the clear moral failure committed at that time, as well as complete cooperation with the litigation. The injured realized that the accuser made a genuine apology and has genuinely forgiven him.

“The critical conclusion of the report is that no evidence of further incidents was discovered by the independent firm, nor has there been any evidence of further wrongdoing over the last 30+ years, including time spent at IHOPKC,” says a senior IHOPKC official. “IHOPKC diligently seeks to be a safe, accountable, transparent and integrous organization, fully alert and corporately aware to abuses and abusers, of any kind. We desire to be a safe, trustworthy organization that deeply embodies the values and actions of Jesus for justice, mercy, and redemption. We are committed to both the prevention of oppression and to justice for those oppressed. Additionally, we challenge abusers toward full repentance with the hope of eventual restoration.”

In response to the review conducted by the external agency, with further recommendations concerning IHOPKC’s Sexual Harassment prevention and protection policies, IHOPKC leadership instituted several additional processes to ensure that IHOPKC is a safe place to work, including but not limited to an audit of the Ministry Staff Application Screening Process, training for those that review and interview applicants, Restoration Guidelines for Victims of Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Training for all IHOPKC staff.