Myths about God’s Will: Living It out in Our Own Strength

by Adam Wittenberg

It can be hard to find the balance between God’s will and our strength. Often our struggle is from thinking…

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Christian Living

Myths about God’s Will: Skipping the Process

by Adam Wittenberg

The Lord is always faithful to fulfill His promise in our lives, although it often requires perseverance from us in its delaying process.

Myths about God’s Will: Pride and False Humility

by Adam Wittenberg

We’re each called to use our gifts to bring people to God, not run or hide from what He’s given us.

Why Read the Last Chapter?—Caring about God’s Story in the Book of Revelation

by Amy Rachel Peterson

“Ugh, I’ve never read the book of Revelation.” “Oh,” I stammered, taken aback. “Why?” My mind raced, trying to generate…

The Golden Invitation into Silence

by Fia Curley

Before the sun even has a chance to rise, the noise of the world has begun—or continued, rather—warning of the…

40 Days of Listening

by Adam Wittenberg

We don't want to miss Him in this hour, so we're taking a break from our normal rhythms to seek Jesus first over all things.

Looking to God for the New

by Fia Curley

As children of God we actually don’t need a Control+Z button, because we have God.

A Battle Hymn of Joy

by Fia Curley

In the Bible there are many names the Lord gives Himself. Each and every name helps us grow in the…

Giving God Our All without Pretense

by Juliet Canha

We are fully accepted in Christ! He's chosen each one of us before He laid the foundations of the world.

Find a Penny, Pick It Up

by Selenia Vera

This one lowly penny depicted so clearly to me His love for the preciousness of every person and so vividly illustrated to me this truth.

Gratitude as an Escort and a Weapon

by Dale Anderson

Let’s take some time to tell one another the stories, the moments of God’s goodness in our lives.

Fulfilling Your Calling: Times of Testing and Maturing

by CJ Reynolds

When God’s not speaking is often because you’re in a time of testing and maturing, which is the preparation for your transition into another season.

Fulfilling Your Calling: When God’s Not Speaking

by CJ Reynolds

Your life holds the fingerprints of God, so value and act upon who you are!

More Lessons from the Life of Job

by Adam Wittenberg

When people experience deep grief, just being with them can be a greater comfort than any words we could speak.

Lessons from the Life of Job

by Adam Wittenberg

Understanding God’s sovereignty—and power—to bring good out of evil can sustain us in times of trial.

Rekindling Marriage Love

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

Covenant partnerships, both Godward and in a marriage, are sustainable when vision and vows are renewed.

Never a Wasted Prayer

by Justin Rizzo

As I began to believe that even my weakest, most uninspired prayers counted, my ability and desire to persist in prayer increased.

God Over Every Fear

by Fia Curley

The one who knows the end from the beginning was not ignorant of the events of our day. And still He speaks over the turmoil swirling about and the anxiety circling within.

Evicting Anxiety from Your Day

by Fia Curley

Just as it takes work to evict a squatter from a property they do not own, removing anxiety from your life, when there are very real problems occurring, also requires our fervent attention and participation.

Surrender—the Way to Hear God’s Voice

by Adam Wittenberg

Surrender flows as we begin to trust our heavenly Father, who is all knowing, the very definition of love, and always has our best interest at heart.

Loving God’s Truth in the Era of “Your Truth”

by David Sliker

The rejection of the Christian narrative has allowed for a secular narrative to take the dominant place in our culture and society.

God’s Agent of Glory

by Isaac Bennett

As we see Him with a spirit of revelation we gain faith for His people, the Church.

Gaining Confidence in Hearing the Holy Spirit

by Dale Anderson

As I began praying the prayers of the Bible, phrase by phrase, not being in a hurry, the Word of God started to fill my soul, touch my spirit, create a more joyful approach to my life, and anchor me in difficult situations.

Drawing Closer to the Father’s Heart

by Fia Curley

As our slain lamb, good teacher, and gracious friend, Jesus readily displayed the true nature of the Father.