The Key to the Spiritual Crisis of Stumbling in Our Walk

by Mike Bickle

The spiritual crisis of stumbling in sin while reaching for the highest things in the Word of God is common…

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The Pleasure of Fascination with God

by Mike Bickle

God created us with a longing for the pleasure of being fascinated, awestruck—filled with marvel and wonder. If we do…

A Spiritual Family that Excels in Love

by Mike Bickle

A spiritual family where we have a sense of being connected and belonging to other believers is our place of…

Three Principles for Walking in Victory over Sin (Romans 6)

by Mike Bickle

When we are actively filling our hearts with the pleasures of knowing the Lord, we are much more successful at resisting sin, Satan, and sin-provoking circumstances.

The Blessing of Setting Our Hearts on 100-Percent Obedience

by Mike Bickle

It is empowering and satisfying to set our heart to love God with 100-percent obedience. The pursuit of 98-percent obedience…

What’s Wrong with Grace?

by Mike Bickle

Printed in Charisma Magazine, April 2013 The most powerful, significant and liberating message ever given to the human race is the…