Take a Gap Year: Why There Has Never Been a More Important Moment

by David Sliker

Want to survive the current crisis and be ready to shine in the next? Read why taking a year to prioritize seeking Jesus is an excellent move.

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Becoming Part of God’s Answer to the Present Darkness

by David Sliker

How do we engage this generation in crisis? How do we run the race to win?

Ministry Training that Ignited Her Heart: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

“IHOPU teaches a lot about ministry: how to love people, how to speak, and how to minister to people. There’s active prayer (24/7) and ministry opportunities.”

The Indestructible Woman

by Rachel Faagutu

Leadership is about partnering with Jesus—learning from and leaning on Him.

Stirred for His City and Nation: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

I’m saying it doesn’t matter [what it looks like]; I just need to be someone who prays. If it has to be, send me in the secret place, in the place of prayer to contend for my country.

Her Heart Was Changed: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

I believe if you want to meet Jesus in the Scriptures, this is the right school for you.

The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God’s Word

by Amanda Beattie

Anyone can provide practical relief to the hurting and distressed, but it is the people of God who can couple it with a message of hope in the God who restores all things.

Why Educate Yourself as a Christian?

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

It is precisely at the intersection of willingness and interest that Christian education has something distinctive to offer the learner.

Onething Regionals


Our Onething Regionals offer times of corporate worship, prayer, and serving the community as we partner with local ministries.

IHOPU Student Equipped to Head Back to China

by Fia Curley

After attending school at IHOPU, one student heads home to China to impact his nation and sphere of influence.