How to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

by John Chisholm

Helping children walk through life’s ups and downs is key to developing their emotional intelligence—which is crucial in their preparation for their active roles in society, family, and in the Church.

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Signs and Wonders Camps

Why Camp Is As Important As Ever

by Lenny La Guardia

Perhaps now more than ever, we must guard ourselves, and our children, from falling into isolation. Why is this important? Because the Lord God made us for relationships! And not just relationships through a computer screen or phone, but rich, vibrant, in-person relationships.

Encountering Jesus

by Isaac Bennett

How different would we live our Christian life if Jesus were physically beside us? How would our prayers sound? What would our worship be like?

Raising Kids in the Culture of the Kingdom

Raising Kids in the Culture of the Kingdom

by Patricia Bootsma

My passion for Jesus was awakened to a radical new degree, [and] I received a revelation of the bigness and greatness of God.

Summer Camps at the International House of Prayer

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

The equipping of young believers is a priority. During the summer months we offer opportunities for youth to grow in intimacy with Jesus.

Something Wonderful Happened in New Jersey This Summer

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Each summer, Lenny LaGuardia and our Children’s Equipping Center team have the privilege of sowing into the lives of thousands…